The Mysterious Founders of Port Athens

I’m hitting the road north to Alaska today, so it’s just a quickie post to let you know June’s Featured Story is now available!


Testing the Waters

You get away with many things in Port Athens. Breaking contracts is not one of them.

The founders of the prosperous fishing village of Port Athens have each agreed to give up certain objects and a great deal of power to settle into a new life.

So when one of the founders, Eli P. Marin, returns from the city with a suspicious purchase, the rumor mill churns into action. Is he only showing off? Is it even real? Most importantly, will Eli break their contract and reclaim his former influence despite knowing how harsh the punishment might be?

Find out as you wander the streets and meet the mysterious founders of Port Athens in Testing the Waters.

Catch your copy today for only 89c 

As with my other monthly features, Testing the Waters, is exclusive content that can only be found on my Payhip Bookstore (I’ve really got to come up with a better name for that shop!).

A Quick Note…

If you’re outside the U.S. and you’ve tried to purchase my stories in the past only to find out your transaction wouldn’t go through …..GOOD NEWS!!!.

As I mentioned last week, the problem has been resolved thanks to Helen (the monster maker herself) for alerting me to the issue, to the clever techie folks at Paypal for their skills, and to Ali (actress extraordinaire) for relentlessly testing each time I thought I had it right.