It may be a full-on fête faux pas to double dip, but at this party it’s allowed and even encouraged because I’ve got not one, but two servings of new fiction to present to you on a perfectly polished platter.

Okay, I promise to stop with the alliteration.

So, what’s on the menu?

  1. May’s Featured Short Story
  2. The fifth installment of the Domna serial!!

Let me tempt you with with a description of these fine fictional flavors (damn it! I can’t quit!).

The Appetizer: May’s Featured Short Story

This month it’s all about finding secrets and losing yourself…as well as boogers, pineapples, and meat cleavers. Trust me, it all makes entertaining sense as the story of The Secret Eater plays out.

Secrets have been finding their way into Roxy’s mind since she was six years old. She doesn’t know how they get there, but she thrives on them. Without a healthy supply of secrets she grows weak with hunger for more.

But as she consumes more and greater secrets, Roxy soon discovers other people reacting srangely to her. 

After all, if you are what you eat, what happens when you’ve been living on a steady diet of secrets for over twenty years? And what drastic actions might you take to undo the damage?

Unlock the mystery of The Secret Eater by gobbling up your copy for only 79 cents today.

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Time for the Main Course: Domna, Part Five!!

Here we are again…the penultimate release day for my six-part Domna serial.

This week (after a slight error), Domna, Part Five: The Forgotten Heir hit the virtual shelves.

And, I’m delighted to see reviews already popping up for this latest installment of my serialized historical fantasy novel. Take a peek at this gem from Goodreads…

“Part Five has seen me extending my morning reading time for ‘just another chapter’ more than once…”

I couldn’t be happier to be completely destroying people’s morning schedules! So, let’s take a quick look at Domna, Part Five: The Forgotten Heir.

Sofia may have been left low after Plautinius’s cruelty in Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict, and she starts out in a big heap of despair in this fifth part. But it doesn’t take long before Sofia comes roaring back with a vengeance.

See, her husband, Sirius Verus, believes his rule is secure, but when a plot is discovered to overthrow him, he refuses to accept that the person he trusts most is behind it. With an enemy army ready to march on the capital, Sirius’s days as Solon and of his family’s lives are numbered. 

Unwilling to let the threat fester, Sofia and Lucius take matters into their own hands, but this vicious retribution leaves Sirius fearful of making Lucius heir. 

From the comfort of the Solonian Palace to the wilds of the Island of Naimo, Part Five of the Domna serial tests the limits of sibling rivalry, family loyalty, and the future of Osteria.

Pick up your copy of Domna, Part Five: The Forgotten Heir for only 99c to continue this tale of betrayal, treachery, and passion today!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a paperback of the entire serial, you can find Domna: The Complete Series at…

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What? No Dessert?

In my opinion, no party is complete without something sweet. I don’t have any virtual cake I can squish through the WordPress servers, but maybe I can tempt you with a sweet deal….a free story perhaps?

This little taste tempter of a tale is set in the world of Osteria and features a dastardly trio of sisters, the trouble they get up to with a bit of oracle bribery, and what happens when you don’t have enough eyeballs to go around. Get your copy by clicking the image below…


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It’s your turn. Go ahead and tell me about your party-based pet peeves and don’t forget to try out your alliterative skills in your comments!

I’ll be back on Wednesday when we’ll be taking a fashion-filled strut down the Osterian catwalk and see how my characters are bringing back the styles of Ancient Rome. See you then!!