-Hey Finn, do you want to help me with a little book promotion?

–Do I get to dress up!? It’s been a while since I broke out the kilt and caber.

–Well, no, but you do get to help teach people about gardening in a sustainable way.


–It’s for Earth Day.


–There’s a photo shoot involved.

–I’m in!!

Waiting for the Beastie Diva…

So, while Finn “Diva” McSpool is primping, let me take a second to tell you about the book.

Yes, you know me best for my fiction, but my gardening know-how has meant I also write plant-based and garden-tip articles. Combine that with my science background and my knowledge of biological goodies and chemical baddies, and it was a ticking time clock to when I would write a gardening book that focuses on native plants and organic gardening techniques.

That book turned out to be Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden. There’s a whole description of it at the end of this post, but suffice it to say that if you want a garden that saves time and money while protecting the environment, then this easy and approachable guide is just for you.

Plus, it’s been newly revised this year AND it’s on sale for only 99 cents to celebrate Earth Day. 

Back to the Finn McSpool Photo Shoot

Hold on, more on that sale in a bit, looks like Finn is ready to check out some native plants in my own garden. And, since I haven’t fed him in the past hour, he’s eagerly eyeing one of my native currant shrubs.

finn mcspool, beastie, currant, ribes

–Finn, you’re going to have a long wait for those. How about a picture by the Oregon grape instead?

–Grapes!? I love grapes…especially purple ones!

–No, um, Finn, these aren’t that type of—

–ACCCKKKKKK!!!! These grapes fight back! Get me out of here!!!

finn mcspool, beastie, oregon grape, mahonia

–While the Oregon grape (the official plant of the State of Oregon) does produce little blue berries that native birds just love from those bright yellow flowers (which are loved by bees and hummingbirds), it’s also a member of the holly family and has those pokey, pointy, evergreen leaves to prove it.

–Who are you talking to?

–The fine folks of Bloglandia.

–Well, could you get me out of here? I think I’m at risk of getting a piercing where no monster should ever be pierced.

–(after performing a careful Beastie extraction) Hey, Finn, did you know there’s nearly 400 native species of ferns in the U.S.?

–Um, why would I know that?

–Because we happen to have a few examples in my garden, including—oh, lord, not again.

–ACCCKKKKK!!! It’s a sea monster! It’s got me in its tentacles.

finn mcspool, beastie, fern, polystichum

–Well, I’m glad you said “tentacles” and not something else, but that’s not a sea monster, it’s just a fern native to the Pacific Northwest called the sword fern.

–The sea monster has swords!!??? (dramatic near fainting ensues)

–No, no, no. It has fronds shaped like swords and those fronds are unfurling this time of year. Here, take a closer look.

–Oohhh, spirally. So that unfurls to snag unsuspecting Beasties? 

finn mcspool, beastie, fern frond, fiddlehead

Um, not exactly. I think we better call and end to this photo shoot. How about just one more with the book next to this native bleeding heart.

–Bleeding?!! Heart!!??? What kind of horror show are you running!!???

–Just stand next to the book, Finn.

finn mcspool, beastie, going native, tammie painter

–I hope it contains warnings about how dangerous native plants can be to Beasties.

–No, but there is a whole section on the problems of invasive plants and what gardeners can do to about them.

–Still, I think there should be a warning about those sword ferns.

–Maybe in the next edition, Finn, maybe in the next edition.

About the Sale

All the amazing information in Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden can be yours for only 99 teeny tiny cents from now through Monday (22 April) in honor of Earth Day and healthy gardens everywhere!!!

Starting 23 April, the price will slowly creep up from $1.99, then to $2.99, and will be back to its normal price of $5.99 on the 26th of April. So don’t delay…

Get your copy of Going Native at Amazon today!

going native, native plant, gardening guide

Going Native is also available in the Kindle Unlimited Library and as a paperback.

About the Book

Does a garden that requires less work, saves you money, and protects the environment sound good? Would you also like a garden that’s healthy and thriving year round? Then Going Native is for you.

Going Native shows you how small changes in the plants you choose can create a healthier garden that’s easy and inexpensive to maintain, benefits the environment, conserves resources, and protects your area’s native species.

Going Native will…

  • Guide you through the benefits of going native,
  • Provide tips on how to plan your native garden,
  • Teach you where to obtain native plants, and
  • Step you through getting your native garden off to the best start possible.

In addition to this, Going Native will teach you the basics of eco-friendly gardening such as…

  • Controlling invasive species,
  • Going chemical free,
  • Dealing with pests and weeds,
  • Understanding soil type,
  • Rethinking your lawn,
  • Attracting wildlife, and more.

To give you ideas of plants you can invite into your native garden, Going Native also includes a list of native plants for several regions across the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii. Although Going Native is written with gardeners from the U.S. and Canada in mind, gardeners around the world can use Going Native‘s tips and information to create a vibrant, low maintenance garden.

If you’re eager to turn your garden in a more sustainable and affordable direction, it’s time to go native by picking up your copy of Going Native: Small Steps to a Healthy Garden today!


“This book builds a strong scientific foundation for choosing and nurturing native plants coupled with a reader friendly writing style which makes the information accessible to gardeners with varied levels of expertise.”

“[Going Native] was absolutely amazing. There are tips for every stage of gardening– including the preparation, killing/deterring weeds, planting, etc. It’s wonderfully detailed and helpful, and I’m so grateful to have it”

“I found Going Native to be a very approachable guide on gardening. The advice was practical and informative without being preachy or stuffy. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting good practical garden advice.”

“This book is chock-full of information on how to incorporate native plants in the garden. It would be a great help to any new gardener who wishes to achieve the obvious benefits of going native: lower maintenance, lower impact on the environment, and to me most important, the beauty of the natural look.”

Get your copy of Going Native at Amazon today!

going native, native plant, gardening guide

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  1. That was a very funny Beastie adventure! I really did laugh out loud, especially during the fern part and the photo underlined the danger Finn was dealing with. I always enjoy the posts featuring him, even if I don’t comment. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


    1. Thanks Jackie!! Even though Finn hates having to redo poses, I’m glad the effort to retake that fern photo was worth it — the first attempt was too sunny and you couldn’t tell what was going on! Glad it got a giggle and that the giggle squeezed a comment out of you. I always love hearing from members of the Finn Fan Club :))


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