After the late season snow and freezing temperatures that plagued Portland last month, Mother Nature is putting down her foot and giving Old Man Winter the boot (girl power!). That’s right, the signs of spring are finally upon us.

For some people that means hay fever, for others it means breaking out the spring fashions, but for Finn McSpool it means heading out to the garden and demanding a floral photo shoot. Seriously, he’s such a diva!

Of course, the first stop had to be the Beastie-sized mini-daffodils…

daffodil, finn mcspool, beastie, crawcrafts beasties, flowers, garden

Then Finn started belting out that old Psychedelic Furs’ tune “Pretty in Pink” when he jumped in amongst the bergenia blooms….

finn mcspool, beastie, crawcrafts beasties, flowers, garden, bergenia

Did I mention spring fashions? Because Finn loves to color-coordinate and these violas were right up his spring fashion alley….

finn mcspool, beastie, crawcrafts beasties, flowers, garden, viola

Looking good is important, but so is smelling good. Since Finn refuses to put down his book to take a proper shower, I was REALLY glad that he didn’t mind rolling around in the beautifully scented daphne shrub for a bit…

finn mcspool, beastie, crawcrafts beasties, flowers, garden, daphne

And once you’re looking good and smelling good, what else is there to do but take a little stroll along the primrose path…

finn mcspool, beastie, crawcrafts beasties, flowers, garden, primrose, primula

Speaking of strolling, since my garden is only just getting started with its flowering, I’ve also been getting my floral fix on my walks around the neighborhood, including this gorgeous magnolia a couple blocks away…. well as this shy member of the Rose family hiding away amongst some hedges…

..and finally, this pretty little cluster of trilliums I came across at the edge of a nearby parking lot…


That’s it for this time. I’ll be back on Wednesday with some writing world updates. See you then!!!

What’s blooming near you? Do you love spring or dread it? Or is it autumn where you live? I love hearing from you, so don’t be shy about commenting!


19 thoughts on “The Beastie-Filled Signs of Spring

  1. You have such beautiful flowers. We have some mini daffodils growing in our back yard and they are my favorites. They hold up so well and always come back! Hope you are finally away from winter – I think we are too!

    (By the way, I’ve already been following your blog, but WordPress says I’m not, even though you show up in my Reader. So I just followed again, to make sure. Didn’t want you to think I had un-followed then re-followed you!)


    1. Oh that pesky WordPress. I have a devil of a time trying to follow blogs sometimes or to find replies to comments I’ve made. And thanks for wandering through the garden with me! The mini-daffodils are done though (the photos are a few weeks old), but now I have dozens of red tulips that have popped up…and I don’t remember having anywhere this many red tulips last year. Guess those garden gnomes have been hard at work.

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  2. Oh daphne, I love the smell of daphne. Whenever i am walking and catch a whiff of it I have to stop and enjoy. I must plant one in my garden. Your garden must be a mass of wonderful flowers over spring.


    1. I have mine right outside my front door so I have to walk past it every day. I wish the scent lastest when you cut the flowers, but it seems to fade soon after. And, yes, you can tell my plant shopping habit coincide with my excitement for the seasons by how many of my plants that bloom this time of year…then there’s another big burst of blooms in mid-summer. I still haven’t gotten the knack of keeping it going through fall, though (I lose my enthusiasm by then, I guess).


  3. Beautiful, Tammie!! It’s still bloody cold here, but I shouldn’t be complaining… will be miserably hot soon enough! As always, naught but weeds continue to grow in my garden. I hope the bees are enjoying their new digs??


    1. Sigh, no new bees yet because it is absolutely, stupidly, aggravatingly cold here too. Gimme some sunshine, you damn sun gods. Quit holding out on me. And don’t worry, plenty of weeds hanging out in my garden as well.

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    1. Uh-oh, I better not show you the Netherlands-worthy profusion of tulips that have taken over by now. Spring better be here…I’ve got pea plants that really need an outdoor home!


      1. Dangit! I’m saving my floral displays for later in the year… My sunflowers are little now, but I have high hopes for them. Hope you find a home for those pea plants soon!


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