Seeing Into Domna’s Future

Yesterday, as you may know, Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict was unleashed upon the world, but prior to the release of this fourth installment of my serialized historical fantasy novel I sat down to do a little number crunching, some head scratching, and a bit of re-evaluation based on all that crunching and scratching.

What’s that all mean? No, not that I need flea medicine. It means I’ve got some news regarding Domna’s future releases to share.

There’s a bit of self-publishing mumbo jumbo in here, but if you prefer to buy your books from retailers other than Amazon, if you want a little glimpse behind the scenes of this business, or if you just can’t get enough of reading about my ever-changing book schemes, here you go…

A Failed Experiment

As you might remember, I decided to experiment once again with going exclusive with Amazon for Parts Two and Three of Domna. The idea was that, since I was trying an Amazon-esque strategy with the quick release schedule, why not go all in with Amazon and see what happens.

Well, I’ve given it a go and that go has gone…as in, gone nowhere. For various reasons (primarily a lack of reviews, hint hint), I’ve been unable to run the necessary promos on Domna: Part One to give the proper boost to Parts Two and Three, so the whole scheme was a bust.

(This isn’t to say the books aren’t doing okay, but they’re not doing what I expected in regards to Amazon’s Exclusivity Game.)

The Next Phase

Because of my less-than-stellar results with this latest round of Amazon exclusivity (and how much I dislike Amazon’s limitations), I will NOT be making Parts Four through Six exclusive to Amazon. 

Those of you who prefer Kobo or iTunes or other non-Amazon retailers, don’t cheer just yet.

Because my term of exclusivity for Parts Two and Three doesn’t end until 1 May and 29 May, respectively, I’m holding off on releasing Parts Four through Six until June.

Why The Delay

I could release Parts Four through Six concurrently with the Amazon releases (see schedule below), but I think it would look a little odd for someone shopping, say on Kobo, to see Parts One, Four, Five, and Six, but no Part Two or Three. 

So, although I’m eager to get these books out into the world, it strikes me as better and a little more professional to be a little patient and hold back.

The Good News

The best part of all this slightly confusing nonsense is that Domna will be available much sooner to everyone. Had I made all parts exclusive to Amazon, these releases to the other retailers wouldn’t have happened until mid- to late August.

With the new plan, everyone will be able to get their hands on all six parts of Domna by late June! Yay!!!

domna, paperback, complete

The updated release schedule for Domna is as follows:

You Don’t Have to Wait

But keep in mind, paperback lovers do not have to wait a single minute (well, except to wait for that pesky printing and shipping) because the Complete Series of Domna is available in paperback format at… 

  • Amazon (US)
  • Amazon (UK)
  • Or simply enter this number into the search bar of your local Amazon store: 1717901522

domna, paperback, complete

I hope this doesn’t throw anyone for too big of a loop and that it all makes sense. If you have any questions, simply toss them in the comment box below and I’ll make up some sort of answer! 

I’ll see you Saturday with a super special announcement!! And don’t worry, I won’t be making this three-posts-a-week a regular thing.