Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict is here!!

First off, as ever, a HUGE thank you to everyone who pre-ordered this latest installment of the Domna serial! The numbers weren’t earth-shattering, but there was a teensy tiny increase from the pre-order numbers for Part Three. So, thank you, thank you thank you. 

And, of course, a GIANT heap of gratitude to those of you on my review team who continue to post your humbling reviews for Parts One through Four, as well as the Complete Series on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub. You guys are the BEST!!!

Okay, enough gushing, there’s a release to announce… 

Today the fourth part of my serialized historical fantasy novel spread its malice across Amazon.

And let’s just say that this part is not a happy one. There’s plenty of strife for Sofia and her son Lucius. 

Not only is Sofia’s husband, Sirius, having to fight to keep the solonship, but Plautinius (Sirius’s cousin and advisor) is tightening his grip on Sirius and putting Sofia’s fidelity into question. Plautinius has pulled this trick before, but this time he has evidence. 

Just when Sofia thinks things are safe, just when she thinks she and Plautinius can find a common ground, this devious man proves he’s willing to strike at the people Sofia cares about most to bring her down.

Grab your copy of Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict for only 99c to continue this tale of passion, betrayal, and intrigue today!

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Tomorrow I’ll be back with a rare Thursday post to provide a little news regarding this release and future Domna releases. See you then!!

A fight for power. A battle for loyalty. A plot that could cause it all to crumble.

Although he’s won the solonship, Sirius soon discovers others are poised to viciously claim the title as their own.

Catapulted into a world of danger and temptation, Sofia discovers her only chance of survival is to stay one step ahead of her enemies.

But in Osteria, new perils lurk around every corner and plots don’t always strike down their intended victims as Sofia discovers her ambition may cost her far more than she expected to pay.

Grab your copy of Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict to continue this passionate tale of treachery, bravery, and desire today.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Dark and Dastardly Release Day for Domna, Part Four

  1. Yippeeeeee! You’re probably sick of getting Launch Day congratulations at this point, but I’m going to anyway! Part Four was one of my favourites in the series, too… Plautinius is such a dastardly villain!


    1. Ugh, I am so tired of launch days. But yay!! I’m super happy you liked how horrible I am to my characters. AND…I just noticed your amazing reviews on Goodreads. A HUGE THANKS (although my cheeks are blushing so hard I don’t think they’ll ever go back to normal).


      1. Yaaay! I actually owe you one more, since I am now Domna-less. 😭 But what a wild ride it’s been! Great series, and one that will work really well as a complete novel when the serialised releases are done. Now, how’s that centaur book coming along? 😉


      2. So tired of the releases…ughhhhh. If I ever think of doing this again, everyone has permission to slap me back into my senses. Ah well, it’s been an interesting experiment so far.

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