I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

One of my goals for 2019 was to start selling books directly to my readers, mainly to provide myself a tiny bit of independence from ebook distributors. I had considered starting a Patreon, but it just seemed like a huge time suck to set up and maintain, and adding a “shop” feature to my website is a bit out of my current budget.

All seemed lost when the answer appeared in my email inbox one morning with the fabulous news announcing that the fine folks at BookFunnel have teamed up with Payhip to help me (okay, not just me) out with my goals.

So, starting today, I’m declaring my very own online bookstore officially open for business.

How This Shop is Special

The shelves are still a little bare, but I do have a few books on there (at a slightly lower price than you’ll find elsewhere).

You’ll also find a couple short stories in the mix, and these stories are what really makes my new shop special. 

Not that kind of special.

See, unless I happen to luck out and sell them to a magazine, these stories will only be available directly through me. Not on Amazon, not on Apple, not on Kobo. Only in my shop.

My aim is to add one or two stories every month. And, because I know everyone loves a bargain…

Not that kind of bargain.

…not only have I made these stories very affordable, but the fine folks on my mailing list (who were the first to learn of this new endeavor) received a handy dandy coupon code to get 15% ANY purchase.

But, because I’m in a celebratory mood and want to encourage you to do some shopping, if you sign up to my mailing list before 31 March 2019, I’ll send you that very same coupon code to say THANKS.

I’ll tell you how to go about that in just a moment.

What’s On the Shelves?

To get things rolling, I’ve stocked my shelves with…

  • the first four novels of my Osteria Chronicles series,
  • my short story collection 13th Hour,
  • and a brand new, never-before-seen story called “Midnight Cruise.” 
What could possibly go wrong?

Ready to Do A Bit of Browsing???

My shop can be found at https://payhip.com/TammiePainter

Thanks everyone!! Happy shopping.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, I’d love it if you could pop over to the shop and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to take advantage of that coupon code offer!! Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask!!

See you next Wednesday with a light-hearted look into one rather odd aspect of my writing life!!


Want More Details??

How it Works: You’ll shop just as you would on any other online retailer. Once you’ve added your items to your cart, you’ll use the secure checkout via Paypal or credit card — I do not receive ANY of your payment information.

As soon as you pay, you’ll receive a download link from Payhip for the EPUB version of your books (EPUBs are read on Apple Books, Kobo, Nook, etc).

Then, almost immediately after your purchase, you’ll receive an email from BookFunnel that will include not only the chance to get an EPUB file, but also the book’s MOBI file (MOBIs are the files used on Kindles). This BookFunnel download is included with your purchase, you will not be charged twice.


11 thoughts on “I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

  1. Perhaps I should have gone with bookfunnel’s shop. I signed up with Woocommerce, but it’s so complicated, I still haven’t figured it out!


    1. Hey Geraldine, BookFunnel doesn’t actually have its own store (yet), they just handle the distribution of the ebooks. I think I looked into WooCommerce before and, yep, it was enough to scare me away! If you ever get a chance, check out Payhip…it was super simple to set up and their fees are TINY. Best of luck and thanks for commenting!


  2. Oooh, it looks great! Very clear layout and easy to navigate. The WiFi on this bus is hampering my attempts to purchase your latest short story, but I’ll check back later when I’m not in transit. Nice one!


    1. Arggh, I knew it! Transport for Ireland is working against me. It’s all a conspiracy!!! But thanks for checking out the shop…even if, you couldn’t, you know, check out. hahaha….groan.


      1. Shivers of fear just ran over me!! I forgot that I needed to consult his concert schedule before making any travel plans. If he’s anywhere near France this fall, I’ll know I’ve done something very very very wrong in my life to deserve such punishment.


      2. I’d like to think France has more sense than to jump on the Dark Lord’s bandwagon, but it seems we may be the last human females who are immune to his questionable charms. Anyway, it looks as though he only ventures forth to wreak transportation havoc in May, so you should be safe enough!


      3. This prompted me to check the Evil One’s concert schedule for 2019 and, sadly, you are wrong. He has 4 dates in France, but thankfully none when we’ll be there…unless he reschedules. NOOOOOOO!!!! I highly recommend checking that schedule if you have any European travel plans this summer. Or, bring along a good exorcism kit in your carry on.


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