Happy St. Patrick’s Day, also know as “The Day Everyone is Irish” or perhaps “Green Beer Day” or maybe even “Day Americans Eat Corned Beef Thinking It’s An Irish Speciality.”

Whatever you call it, if you can’t get to Ireland or even a good Irish pub today, Finn McSpool has got you covered as he reflects on his trip to the Emerald Isle last year. So, grab a Guinness, warm up a slab of soda bread, and let’s get Irish-ing (yes, that’s a word now) with some of his vacation posts.

Like any good trip, it started with a bit of planning:

But soon enough, the Beastie had landed and was making new friends:

finn mcspool, kilkenny, ireland,

And, since Beasties don’t get jet lag, he was quickly off and running to see the sites of Kilkenny:

kilkenny, st canice cathedral, ireland

Of course, there’s always time for a side trip…if you don’t mind an assault by the rain gods:

waterford, medieval museum, ireland, museum of treasures

After a few nights in Kilkenny, Finn made some ego-boosting discoveries in Cork:

Where he made a side trip to explore the military life at Charles Fort in Kinsale (and even launched a new fashion style while he was there):

kinsale, ireland, charles fort

After all this city time, Finn was ready to feel the fresh Atlantic breezes whipping through his wooly innards, so we caught the ferry and headed off to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands, where we met traffic donkeys, went back in time, and got attacked by vengeful bicycles.

inishmore, aran islands, donkey

With skin raw from the evil bicycles, it was time for the final destination of our Irish journey. In Dublin Finn went further back in time than he ever has before, met his maker, nearly died of book envy, ventured into a creepy crypt, and found a rather curious place to perch.

trinity college library, dublin, ireland

I hope you enjoyed this quick look back! What are you up to for St. Patrick’s Day? Or have you already been celebrating?? Have a great one and see you Wednesday! Sláinte!!!

6 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Goes Back To Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I love the donkey that blocked your path while you were getting raw from bike riding, ha! Enjoyed seeing Finn’s adventures on the Emerald Isle 😀 I plan to take my tierneycreates Beastie there someday!

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    1. I don’t think a trip to the UK or Ireland is complete without some sort of livestock blocking your path! When you do decide to go, I’m sure Helen will LOVE to show you all the Dublin fabric stores!!!

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  2. Oh wow, can you believe this was nearly a year ago? Nice to see Finn’s holiday snaps again… I’m embarrassed to say he’s been to parts of the island I’m yet to visit 😂 Hope you enjoyed Paddy’s Day!


    1. I know, it only seems like that trip was a couple months ago! And don’t worry, you’ve visited areas of the U.S. I’ve never seen, so all’s fair in travel and tourism…wait, is that how that saying goes?


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