It’s Release Day for Domna Part Two: The Solon’s Son!!

First off, let me thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Part Two — you gave me my largest pre-order numbers ever!! And look, Finn McSpool and the other Beasties are celebrating the book’s release in sugary style.

Starting Part Two Off with a BANG!!

Part Two of Domna begins right where Part One of this serialized historical fantasy novel left off.

Sofia is heading into Vancuse to face Sirius Verus (the man she’s being forced to marry) for the first time in over a year. She knows she’s under scrutiny and she’s been warned that if she shows even a hint of infidelity to Sirius, her life will be at risk. But will she be able to remain faithful to Sirius when she finds herself living in the same household as her former lover, Papinias?

And that’s just chapter one!

Um, can you hold on a sec? I smell fire.

Speaking of bangs…

Wow, Finn, that’s really nice of you to light the candles, but you know the fire department has banned you from using matches (it’s a long story).


…this part of Domna takes Sofia from marriage to motherhood and sees Sirius go from a position of power to a lowly post in an unwelcoming backwater. And you’ll witness the stability of the world of Osteria falling to pieces under the ineffectual rule of Solon Candus as Sofia tries to survive the marriage she’s been forced into.

I could tell you more, but it looks like I better get to that cake before it’s all gone! Does anyone have a spare fire extinguisher?

* * *

If you like the political intrigue, adventure, and love triangles of historical fiction by Philippa Gregory and Bernard Cornwell, and the mythological world-building of fantasy fiction by Madeline Miller and Simon Scarrow, you’ll love Domna.

Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter

As a realm teeters on the verge of rebellion anything is possible, except one woman’s freedom to choose her fate. 

Domna, Part Two: The Solon’s Son

When your destiny has been stolen, it’s up to you to make a new one. But first you have to survive the marriage you’ve been forced into. 

Domna, Part Three: The Centaur’s Gamble

In a world mired in chaos one wrong word could mean death, but one promise could mean greatness. 

Domna, Part Four: The Regent’s Edict

A fight for power. A battle for loyalty. A plot that could cause it all to crumble. 

Domna, Part Five: The Forgotten Heir

When the Solon ignores an imminent threat, one woman will go to any extreme to save him, protect her son, and ensure the stability of their realm.

Domna, Part Six: The Solon’s Wife

A life of love or a life of power. A promise to the gods or following your heart’s desire. The choice must be made. 

12 thoughts on “It’s Book Birthday Time, Complete with Cake!!

  1. I suppose that delicious Book Birthday cake is just a distant memory by now… I hope Finn let you have more than one slice! Congratulations, and I’m looking forward to some long-overdue Domna time over the next couple of days. YESSSSSSSSS! 😁


    1. I did manage to snag some of the cake before Finn gave a demonstration of his Cookie Monster impersonation! Hmmm…maybe this is the real reason I opted to serialize the book…six times the celebration treats!!


      1. Aaaah, book launch treats! Possibly the main reason an author picks up the pen in the first place. But you’ve worked so hard on this series – those treats have been well and truly earned! Enjoy!
        (If Finn lets you 😆)


      2. I’m starting to think I need one treat for each part…as in THREE cakes for part three, four beers for part four. By the time Part Six comes around, I won’t fit through the door!!


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