Hello Bloglandia!

If you’re a book lover who loves a bargain, you may have heard of BookBub. If you haven’t tried out this fabulous service or if you’ve never heard of it, I’m hoping this post will encourage you to give it go. (And, no, I’m not being paid for this, I’m just a big BookBub fan.)

So, let’s get our book lovin’ on with a little BookBub Q&A.

What in the World Is BookBub?
BookBub (which I’m going to abbreviate to BB from here on out to save myself some typing) is a book promotion service that sends out a daily (or weekly, if you prefer) email to let you know about a few books that are free or heavily discounted (usually $2.99 or less) that day (or week).

And these aren’t just random books from nobodies. Featured authors range from backlist titles of New York Times Bestsellers to newer works by up-and-coming indie authors.


How Does It Work?
It couldn’t be easier! You simply go to the BookBub website and sign up for their free newsletter. Once you’ve signed up, you can select your favorite book genres, the frequency of emails, and a few other tidbits to customize your BB fun.

Then, each day (or week) you’ll get an email with a handful of bargain books that the BB staff have carefully curated. Just click on the link under the book you want. You’ll then be whisked off to the retailer of your choice to get your new bit of reading material.

What’s the Catch?
None. That I know of. Sure, there’s probably the usual sharing of information and cookies that come along with any website, but the service is completely free for readers and you’re never under any obligation to buy any of the books in the email.

The only real “issue” with BB is you may end up with far more books than you’ll ever be able to read (not that Finn and I would know anything about that).

Are There Other Ways BookBub Can Satisfy a Book Junkie?
Yes!! And this is where BB gets even more interesting. You can follow your favorite authors on BB and get notifications about books they recommend (always fascinating), their new releases, and any promos they’re running (if you’ve selected those options in your Account Settings).

My Favorite Part of BookBub Right Now…
Okay, here’s the truth: I love a good bargain, but I get most of my reading material from the library. And when I read a great book, I want to leave a review for it.

Unfortunately, due to their ever-increasing restrictions, unless you’ve purchased a book through Amazon, the Amazon Overlords are highly likely to delete your honest review (believe me on this, I’ve experienced it first hand with my own books).

BB has no such requirements. You can read ANY book from ANY source and share your thoughts on that book on BB. And, as ever, reviews are the best way to show an author some love even if you haven’t purchased his or her books.

Ready to Join?
If I’ve made you curious about giving BB a try, just head here to sign up (again, signing up is completely free).

And if you happen to be looking for your first (or next) author to follow, I’d be perfectly willing to volunteer for that job (just click/tap this link to follow me).

I hope you found this useful and that it encourages you give BookBub a try since it’s always great to find time to curl up with a good book…especially if you snagged that book at a bargain, right!?

What about you? Do you try to review the books you read? If so, where do you usually leave your reviews? If not, why – too shy, too busy?

Thanks for reading, everyone!!! I’ll be back Saturday with (YAY!!!) the final chapter from Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter.


Oh, and speaking of bargains…you can’t beat FREE and this promo has gobs of free fantasy fiction titles just waiting to be read (and reviewed). Click the image, do a bit of browsing, and pick up a new book (or ten) today!!