What? You thought Book Launch Day was a one-off affair? Not when you have Beasties who want to do their part to make Domna a raging success.

Just in case you missed the news, yesterday was Release Day for the first part of my serialized historical fantasy novel Domna: The Sun God’s Daughter. It was a long road to whip this book into shape, so yesterday was a happy day of welcome relief.

And it also ended up being a day of dressing up.

Finn McSpool loves any celebration, so when he said he was eager to play a part in Domna’s launch, I kind of thought he meant breaking out the bubbly. Turns out, he literally meant he wanted to play a part. His chosen part? Here you go…

That’s right, he’s traded in his book for a shield (with a little help from some masking tape). And I don’t even want to know where he got that sword, but Finn is looking rather dashing as one of Osteria’s brave (and I use the term loosely in Finn’s case) vigiles!

A note on any words you didn’t understand in that previous paragraph. “Osteria” is the Greco-Roman world in which Domna (and my original series, The Osteria Chronicles) is set. And a “vigile” is a member of the army/police/fire fighting forces in Osteria.

Feeling keen to dress up herself, Tammie Beastie has done her best to re-create some Osteria fashion, which is based on the styles of the women of Ancient Rome (there’s a whole blog post coming up soon on that, so stay tuned).

After taking a peek at Julia Domna (pictured below, wife of Roman emperor Septimius Severus) whose story inspired the novel Domna, Tammie Beastie set to work preparing her Osterian ensemble.

Hmm, this is going to turn into a Who Wore It Better thing, isn’t it?

And wow, look what she managed to come up with…

She’s really channeling her inner Domna with a fetching gown that’s cinched at the waist by an Osterian favorite: a silver belt made of dangly chains. And she even managed to weave jewels into her hair as Osterian women like to do for any special occasion!

But where’s David Beastie? Shhhh!!! Looks like he’s engrossed in his paperback copy of Domna. We better leave him to it.

Oh wait, looks like he’s done his part in the promotional game and has recommended it to some friends. Thanks, David Beastie!!

Wait, before you get too deep into the story, could we get a final group shot with the cover? Yeah, work it, baby!

If you’re ready to lose yourself in a new world, Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter will be a mere 99c for a limited time as part of her release day festivities.

And there’s no need to dress up for the occasion…unless you really want to, of course.

Shop now by clicking on the image or by using the links below.


Where to Find Domna

If you’re ready to grab your copy of this tale of passion, ambition, and betrayal today, Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter is available at oodles of online retailers including….

Domna is also strutting her stuff on many other retailers around the world, so If the links above don’t take you to your favorite store, simply follow Domna’s Universal Book Link that will take you where you need to go lickity split.

Also, for paperback lovers, there is a “real” version available now. Simply follow the Amazon links above, or tap the Kindle button at this Universal Book Link to pick up your copy.

And Don’t Forget the Other Parts of Domna

You can also pre-order Domna, Parts 2 through 6 of this highly-anticipated serialized historical fantasy novel for only 99c. That 99c price will go up soon after each part’s release, so you might want to get your copy today!

Simply follow the links below to treat yourself to a little something special at a fabulous bargain.

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