Finn McSpool Predicts the Future

When Finn McSpool and I visited Pittock Mansion to see the Christmas displays a couple weeks ago, one of the rooms had an eerie Fortune Teller theme…made even eerier by a certain monster floating into the shot.

Inspired by these mysteries of prognostication, Finn has shuffled the tarot deck, tossed the rune sticks, pulled out his crystal ball, and is now ready to offer up his predictions for the first several months of 2019.

Wait, before you start sending Finn your queries about what lottery numbers to play, you should be aware that by “crystal ball” I mean “Finn stole my paper weight,” by “predictions” I mean “things I’ve already told him,” and by “the future” I mean “the future of this blog.”

Okay, maybe Finn needs to buy a few more lessons from his online Fortune Teller School, but we still have news from the future to share.

The Future of the Blog

As you might recall, several weeks ago I decided doing two posts a week was an absolute waste of time, so I dropped down to posting once a week. Well, folks, I’ve changed my mind.

It’s true that, across the blogosphere, blog traffic is in a slump, but you know what? I like blogging and find I miss posting twice a week. I enjoy telling you tidbits about my books, my writing world, and Finn’s mayhem. Blogging just feels like a more natural “sharing” outlet for me, especially since I’ve never gotten into a comfort zone to do that on other forms of social media.

So, my Saturday posts will be returning (oh, well, I guess they already have). These posts won’t be quite the same as before in which each Saturday post featured Finn getting up to some sort of trouble, but I’m sure he’s going to be more than willing to “help” out with these future posts.

Drinking my beer does NOT count as helping, Finn!

What are these posts going to be about? Mainly they’ll be an extension of my Wednesday writing posts, but while Wednesdays will feature my take on the writing craft, marketing experiments, and updates, Saturdays will be devoted more to behind-the-scenes stuff.

See, with the release of all six parts of Domna coming up, I keep finding sooooo much I want to share about the “story behind the story,” including the research, the various historical influences on the book, and all the many aspects that (finally) brought this book to life.

As it stands now, I have two blog posts planned for each week through next March that are going to be chock-full of fascinating fiction fun. I’ll be kicking things off next week with a little year-end review.

Of course, if Finn does go out and have an adventure somewhere near or far, I’m sure he’ll manage to squeeze that into my carefully planned schedule.

What about you? Cooking up any plans for the next year? As ever, I’d love to hear from you so don’t be shy about commenting! Have a great weekend everyone!

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