A question that’s plagued mathematicians and book lovers for centuries is, “How many books are enough?”

As you can see below, Finn McSpool has recently dedicated himself to tackling the calculations necessary to compute the answer we’ve all been waiting for. The answer that could revolutionize literary equation theory for years to come.

-Um, Finn, that doesn’t look like higher math. That barely looks like basic arithmetic.

-But I look really smart doing it in David Beasties‘s glasses, don’t I?

-Sure, but did you come up with anything?


-No, that’s the answer to the meaning of life. Did you come up with the answer to how many books are enough?

-You’re saying books aren’t the meaning of life?!!!

-Good point, but it does look like you’ve been making an effort on these calculations. Did you come up with anything at all?


-Really!? So how many books would you consider enough books?


Literary Equation Theory solved!!!

Good answer!!!

Luckily, even though he’s kind of failed at the math, Finn and I have uncovered a couple of terrific promotions full of dozens of FREE tomes that can help you in your quest to fulfill the answer to this taxing quandary and get you on your way to book nirvana.

Promo Number One is the one I’m hosting that includes 30 fantasy fiction tales whose story lines and/or characters all feature myths, gods, and ancient worlds. There’s some great titles in here (some of which I’ve snagged for myself), so be sure to check out this fabulous promo!!

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Promo Number Two has even more books to choose from (I think Finn just swooned). The works on offer in this one include a wide range of science fiction and fantasy novels that run the gamut from military sci-fi to horror to fantasy-filled fables. This promo officially ends soon, but most of the books should remain free throughout the month of December.

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Hopefully, you can find something (or lots of somethings) to add to your reading list in these two promos. I know Finn has and is ready to kick back with a cup of caffeinated goodness to enjoy a few of his new books.

Thanks for popping by and see you next Wednesday!!! Oh, and if you have an answer to the question of how many books are enough, Finn could really use some help with his calculations.