Calling All Writers of Fantasy Fiction!

Okay, maybe not ALL fantasy fiction authors, but we’ll get to the details of that after a couple of quick bits of housekeeping. Then, I’ll let you in on the great scheme I’ve got underway that will help you boost your mailing list numbers.

First off, yes, I’m taking a tiny break from my weekly sharing of Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter. But don’t worry, I’ll be back next week with Chapter Six in which Sofia’s clever mind starts devising an escape plan from her forced betrothal and she learns the REAL truth behind her father’s cruel treatment of her.

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of the break by catching up on Chapters ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, and FIVE.

Second, if you’d rather get Domna, Part One all in one go, be sure to sign up to my mailing list today because tomorrow I’m giving everyone on my list a free copy of this first part of my six-part serialized historical fiction novel!

You can sign up right now and get your book tomorrow by simply typing your email address in the magic box on  THIS PAGE.

Speaking of Mailing Lists, Let’s Get Back to Those Fantasy Fiction Folks

I’m currently taking submissions for a list-building promotion via Book Funnel.

The theme of this promotion is Myths, Gods, and Ancient Worlds and, as you might have guessed, it’s for any fantasy fiction that centers around ancient worlds, ancient myths, and/or ancient gods.

Whether it’s Zeus or Loki, Odysseus or Beowulf, modern world or fantasy world, this is a terrific way to spread the word about your legend-/mythological-/historical-based fantasy work and a great way to add some new names to your mailing list.

To take part, there’s just a few requirements….

  • You need to have a Book Funnel account (see below).
  • Your book must be a complete story. No samples. No excerpts. I will consider short stories and novellas.
  • Your book must have a strong focus on retelling myths in a new way, reinvigorating old legends, or putting the ancient gods into new situations or new worlds.
  • Submissions may also be fantasy fiction set in an ancient world or historical context (think Greco-Roman, Viking, Arthurian, etc.).
  • Your book cannot be based on Christianity, Judaism, or Islam or other “living” religions.
  • Your current mailing list doesn’t have to be large, but you do need to have one with at least 25 people on it.

 Ready to join? Just follow THIS LINK or click the image below and enter the required info by 2 December. (Hint: I’m much friendly to people who leave a little comment on their submission forms.)

If you’re a writer and you’re not on Book Funnel, get yourself signed up! The intro plan is only $20 a year (yes, a YEAR, not a month) and is a great way to deliver your books to your fans. I won’t go into all the benefits of a Book Funnel account, but if you’re curious, you can check out what they have to offer HERE.

Why in the World Am I Doing This To Myself?

What with doing the final proofreading of all six parts of Domna, formatting it, getting it loaded on all the retail sites, planning its launch promos, AND writing three new books (ooh, did I make you curious?), you’d think I had enough on my plate.

I do, but what hell, pile it on!!

I’ve wanted to take part in a Book Funnel promo ever since signing up for the service earlier this year, but I could never find one that was a good match or one I was qualified for. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I figured it was time to make my own promo.

So far it’s been fun, most writers have been friendly and open to suggestions when I make them, and I do feel a bit god-like with my powers to accept and decline (mwah-ha-ha-ha). Of course, I am hoping for a nice increase in my meager mailing list numbers, but it’s also a great way to learn about managing something like this. I’m sure there’ll be a blog post about it if I survive!

Alright everyone, I’ll be back next week with Chapter Six of Domna. And don’t forget to sign up HERE if you want your very own free copy of the book when I send them out tomorrow (delivered by Book Funnel, of course).


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