Here’s the deal. I had plans to finish out the last few days of my Irish Adventure with Finn McSpool (I love that autocorrect now recognizes “McSpool”!) over the next couple weeks and then continue on with my regular Saturday Finn-filled posts. But plans are changing.

Don’t worry, I’ve already got some pics loaded so any Finn-atics out there will get their weekly dose of monster, but enjoy that dose because it will be the last for a while.

The problem is that my blog stats are WAY down. As in down to the same levels they were when I was barely posting once a week a few years ago. I have more followers than ever, but the traffic on my blog is something akin to those car commercials where a driver is zipping through a mountain pass with no other cars in sight.

I’m completely unsure why after three years in a row of rising numbers, my stats have changed. I’ve altered little in my posting frequency or my post topics and have tried to keep up with liking and commenting on other blogs. But alas…

Basically, I feel like I’m wasting my time here. While my Wednesday writing posts don’t take me too long, the photo- and research-laden Finn posts eat up at least an hour of my time. I didn’t begrudge (my fancy word for the day) that hour+ when readers were streaming in to see what Finn was up to, but when I can count the number of blog visits on the fingers of my right hand, that hour+ just isn’t worth it.

That’s not to say my writing posts are doing stellar. They’re not, but I’ve committed (or is that “should be committed”?) to posting a weekly chapter of my upcoming novel Domna and I plan to stick to that commitment. After the chapters are done, well, I don’t know. I have some ideas of how to go forward with the blog if I do go forward with it, but there is a strong temptation to only use this blog for the occasional announcement.

Sorry if this sounds whiny. I’m totally not whining in my head as I type this, but am instead putting on my Business Hat and using that hat to evaluate the best use of my time. Over the past few weeks, Business Hat (an uptight cousin of the Sorting Hat) has told me the Saturday posts are not a valuable investment of my time….and the Wednesday posts might not be either.

But Finn-atics shouldn’t despair. He’ll still be hanging around with me on Instagram and Twitter, so if you haven’t already, you might want to follow me him over on those channels. And I’m sure he’ll make a cameo on here now and again because, you know, Finn.

Finn-induced eye roll!

And for those of you who do come around looking for my writing updates, THANK YOU! Like I mentioned above, the chapters of Domna will still be posted on a weekly basis, but you’ll be far better served by signing up for my newsletter (which also includes the occasional Finn photo and you get free books just for signing up).

As promised a few months ago, I intend to shift my focus more toward getting cozy with my mailing list and less cozy with my blog. I guess the blog gods are pushing me toward keeping that promise!

Blah, enough of this soul-bearing, let’s get on with some Finn-fun….

Our second-to-last day in Dublin was spent on a looooong walk through Dublin’s major parks: Iveagh Gardens, St. Stephen’s Green, and Merrion Square.


Famine Memorial at St Stephen’s Green

Wolfe Tone at St Stepehn’s Green

Somewhere amongst all this “parking” we slipped into the National Gallery to see some art and, well, let’s be honest, visit the loo. After all, I drink a lot of tea and there’s a reason why “tea” rhymes with “pee.”

Besides the toilets, there was a painting I really wanted to see: “The Meeting on the Turret Stairs” by Frederic William Burton. There’s just something so desperately passionate about this scene that I’ve always loved it.

So we made a beeline to Room 20 where it’s supposed to live. Then Room 21. Then Room 19. Back to Room 20.      Huh????

Yes, of course, the painting was on loan to another museum. I swear, If I find out it was to the Museum of Sheeran, I will scream!

At least they had a postcard of it.

After a wander and a gander at the art, it was back to the parks because I promised Finn he could get his picture taken with a famous Oscar. He was a little disappointed when he found out it wasn’t Oscar the Grouch, but Oscar Wilde will do.

Then (yes, our legs were very tired at this point) it was off to the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology which features more bling than a Tiffany’s. Seriously, you could go blind from all the gold on display. Unfortunately, this was another one of those vacation times when I had gotten photo weary, so hopefully this will give you an idea of what it was like…..


or maybe this…

Oh, that Scrooge McDuck!

As for our final day in Dublin, we were given another personal walking tour of the city by Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties beginning with our last Irish breakfast. Oh, cholesterol, how I’ll miss you…

Then, it was up at 2 a.m.(ugh) on Tuesday to make a late-night/early-morning (depending on which side of the pint glass you’re on) stroll through Temple Bar to catch our bus to the airport.

Finally, like these Saturday posts, we were saying goodbye…or perhaps, see you later.

Dear future generations, this is what the area of the Arctic Circle used to look like.

Thanks to everyone who has smiled and liked Finn over the past couple years! I’ve appreciated every single one of your likes and comments.

We’ll be back someday, but in the meantime, don’t forget to find us on…

26 thoughts on “Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

  1. I hear what you’re saying. My stats have leveled off this year and, while part of the reason is because I have been very busy with outside things and have spent less time preparing posts and also reading, it concerns me and so I’ve been trying new things. Hang in there, Tammie!


    1. Thanks Barbara! I’m surprised to hear yours have dropped off since it always seems you have so many comments and likes on all your posts. Hopefully quitting my Saturday posts will give me time to explore other options and test out some ideas that keep rambling around my head at 3 in the morning :))

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      1. Well it’s picking up now that I’m trying new things! Never easy. The big test will be 2019 because I think I’ll be able to blog consistently. I definitely have more likes and comments and those stats are the most important.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True, I need to figure out something new and irresistible to reinvigorate my likes and comments. Perhaps photos of puppies and kittens would work. 😆😂😆


    1. Ummm….I think that’s sort of what I just said I was doing. I’ll still be posting weekly for the next couple months, just not twice a week. In those couple months, hopefully I’ll figure out the new direction for the blog and see what happens from there.


  2. Dropping of blog stats seems to be a common thing lately. I see it, Lucky Otter complained about it, other people have complained about it….Maybe fewer people are checking out blogs these days? 😛

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    1. Hmmmm, good point. You have to wonder if it’s a change in reading/internet-use habits or if WordPress has changed the way they show blogs or if some other algorithm has changed in Google’s search. Either way, I’m hoping to use that extra hour or so a week more wisely.

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  3. Well, talk about going out with a bang… Now I’m craving a cholesterol-laden plate of deliciousness too! Aaaah, I’ll miss Finn’s weekly antics, but I can see where you’re coming from. My numbers have been slipping too – I thought it was just because I went from doing two posts a week to one, but the slowdown seems to be hitting everybody! Hopefully it’ll swing back around again, although I do sense the hand of the Dark Lord Sheeran in all this. Oh, and don’t worry, Finn… I’ll still be stalking you on Instagram and Twitter!


    1. You know, it is a BIG relief to learn how many bloggers are in the same boat, but I don’t know how the world can resist all those Beastie photos. Idiots! And you’re right, the numbers did start declining after I called out the Sheeran Evil. I see a Painter-Sheeran Battle coming up – The Showdown for Stats. I better start getting t-shirts made right away.


      1. Gaaaaah! It has to be his fault… And now I’m being targeted because I dared to support your (entirely justified) beliefs! But the good news is that I was watching “The Two Towers” last night, and I think I’ve picked up some useful tips on how to battle an evil army. Hey, do you know where we can find some horses, a wizard and a load of sentient trees?


  4. Oooooooooh boy do I hear you… as I said last week!!!!! While I will miss the Finnster and your frequent posts, I agree that it’s a good move to cut it down to when you have time and inspiration. You’ve got enough on your plate! Also sad to say goodbye to your Ireland posts, but it looks like it was a fantastic trip all around!!! Looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow and glad you are committed to continue to deliver those on Wednesdays 🙂 See ya on the mailing list!


    1. You know, I have a feeling Finn will find some way to sneak back onto this blog. I haven’t actually broken the news to him yet. Not sure if I’m going to be able to handle the diva anger when I do. It was a fabulous trip and doing the posts made it last all that much longer…YAY!

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      1. Oh dear… he really is going to be heartbroken, isn’t he? Well, as you say, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him! Yes, it’s so nice to have pictures and posts to draw out a fantastic vacation. I enjoyed tagging along!


    1. The trouble is I spend too much time researching the history of some of the sights he visits…history most people don’t care about (other than me), which ends up being a real waste. But, Finn will be back soon with a special local outing!!

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