Oops, I may have gone too far with my alliteration. But yes, after much frustration, it’s time for the reveal of my snazzy website remodel.

Now let’s be frank here, I know my way around a computer, but trying to get a website to do what I imagine in my head is a far different thing than what it wants to do. However, I should be used to things not obeying since I am owned by four cats. Let’s just say there was a lot of this going on last week…

In my mind, I imagined a sleek looking home page with a scroll-y thing that slowly revealed a few pages from my website and that had a nice clear spot to entice readers onto my mailing list.

Easier said than done. Most WordPress themes that came with a “call-to-action” button on the home page, didn’t scroll, and those that did scroll (I was really keen on the Lodestar theme) didn’t have the button.

There may have been a bit of this going on at this stage….

As an example of how far gone my brain was at this time, it took me several hours of frustration and trying to trick WordPress into recognizing some coding (didn’t work) to realize I could just create my own freaking button by making my own image and have the image linked to my mailing list sign-up page.

Seriously, it was THAT kind of day.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all the trials and tribulations of the world’s longest two days, but suffice it to say that besides a whole new, very modern look, the blog and website have some lovely new features, including…

  • That snazzy scrolling home page
  • A pared down (easier-to-navigate) menu
  • A page dedicated to each of my two series, The Osteria Chronicles and Domna, with easier to find store links
  • My books/series are also listed on a single page to make it simple to see my back catalog
  • A tidier contact page and widget sidebar on the blog
  • A more thorough About Me page (Finn’s About Me page also got a small update)
  • And a teensy tiny donation button for anyone who has pirated my books and is feeling guilty about that (or if some remarkably generous millionaire stops by my site).

After a couple days of realizing why I don’t keep hammers anywhere near my computer, I finally reached this stage….

So go ahead and have a poke around to see how it works for you. I’m pretty much blind to any problems at this point, so if you see any major boo-boos, don’t hesitate to let me know!

How about you? Any remodeling in your life lately? Any computer/website woes? What do you think of the new look?

I’ll be back Saturday with a short post from Dublin. Or is it from Egypt? I’m not sure, but there are mummies involved! 




17 thoughts on “The Wondrous Website Weveal

  1. Hi Tammie,

    Great job with your new website! I had a little poke around, and everything seems to work really well. I set up my own website earlier in the year, so I understand your frustration trying to get what you see in your mind onto the page. Congratulations….you have something to be proud of.

    All the best, Anne



  2. I know how frustrating a revamp can be – looks great!!!! One thing to check – at the end of your ‘About Tammie’, you’ve left in a couple sentences that really only make sense if the info is being addressed to mailing list readers. Other than that, looks good to me! I like the sleek scrolling on the homepage, very professional. Bravo!


    1. Well it looks like you’ve won the Ms Observant title of 2018! This is what happens when you copy and paste after your brain has completely turned to mush. Thanks for catching that and thanks for the gushing comments!!

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      1. Heh heh, I figured it was just a matter of copy and paste and just needed a little tidy! I hope the new book descriptions aren’t killing you. I imagine it’s much like when you get to the conclusion of an essay and you feel you just can’t go on and repeat all that’s come before in an intriguing and engaging manner and you just want it to be over!!


  3. It looks great and I remember the trials the first time I tried to redo my blog and use a different template (I was too new at WP to do such crazy things yet!). I love the kitty memes – thanks for the laugh 🙂


    1. I’ve gone through enough remodels that I know the potential horrors, but this was the first time I actually told myself I wasn’t going to settle for “close enough.” I might rethink that mentality next time :)) Cat memes and Monty Python memes, always a good back up when the content is lacking, right?!

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  4. Oh woweeeee! It’s great, even on my teeny phone screen! Well worth the horror and potential screen-smashing moments along the way… We’ve all been there. Anyway, let’s heap on some praise! It looks lovely – really slick and professional. It’s well organised, and it reads brilliantly… Well duh, you’re a writer so of course it does! But I thought the tone of voice was spot-on, especially in the About pages. Also, nice work figuring out the conundrum of making buttons! Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for that millionaire to stumble across your “donate” button! 😁

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    1. Golly, thanks! So far that button hasn’t lured in any millionaires. Maybe I ought to try for billionaires to speed things up? Ooh, and good to know the layout is mobile-friendly…you know, in case the billionaires are on their yachts wondering what to do with that extra truckload of money they’ve brought along. 😂😜😂


      1. “Well I WAS going to use this inconvenient pocket change as bait to catch endangered marine species, but now that I’ve discovered Tammie’s super-handy ‘Donate’ button, she’s getting the lot!” Stranger things have happened… I gotta get me one of those buttons!!


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