Changes Are on the Way (and so is free stuff)

Hello Shiny People!

Yes, as the title indicates, changes are on the way to my website, my book availability, and my mailing list. What’s brought all this about? Well, besides my constant quest to hone and improve the business side of my writing, a bunch of “events” are happening all at once in my writing world.

First: Break Time!

Yeah right. Last week I finished up the last major overhaul of Domna (yay!!). This means I get to finally ignore this book for a few weeks. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean I get to rest on my laurels (I don’t even know if I have a laurel). This “break time” is a time for launch preparation, including getting around to writing those pesky book descriptions (for all six parts, no less) I’ve been putting off, and getting the manuscript in order for loading and printing.

Second: I’m FREE!

On Monday, my exclusivity term with Amazon ended for all the books in my Osteria Chronicles series. While I learned a few things and made a gob of sales in the KDP Select program, I can’t say it was for me. There were too many times I cringed at the thought of being trapped by their terms and conditions. And I’m super excited to have control over my books once again (more on that coming soon).

However, don’t go rushing out to shop just just yet. I’m in the process of updating the interior of the series to include some of the changes you’ll see below, planning out a pricing strategy (freebies are on the way!), and deciding which retailers I want to load to directly. In other words, this is turning into a project that’s eating up a painful amount of brain power and time.

Third: Back to (Virtual) School

I’m normally someone who, when I want to learn something, I hit the library books and teach myself. I feel I’ve learned a lot over the past year of my self-publishing re-education, but I’ve also been feeling that I need more. So, I took the (financially painful) plunge and signed up for a self-publishing course by Mark Dawson and the Self Publishing Formula team (I’ll let you know how that goes once I’m done).

While most of the information is stuff I already know, having it presented in an orderly fashion is really helping organize my own brain…and generating a huge to-do list. That to-do list is where many of the changes are taking place. I’m currently revamping my mailing list to include a more enticing giveaway (which I can do now that I’m free from Amazon’s tyranny) and a better introductory sequence of emails. As mentioned, I’m also updating the interior of my books. And later this week I’ll be trying to cobble together a new website.

There’s also plenty of book work on my plate with exciting stuff like metadata, key words, and other behind-the-scenes stuff. Ugh.

Fourth: Let’s Toss Some More Work Onto the Pile

I also got an unexpected assignment from Horticulture Magazine last week (my fourth article with them!!). When the editor mentioned the due date, I thought she meant October 2019 (since she was making the production calendar for 2019), but in fact, she meant October 2018. Ah well, at least the article will pay for my class, right!?

To Sum Up….

Expect changes soon. Things aren’t quite ready for The Big Reveal, but I’ll hopefully have everything in place next week. And I may even be able to squeeze in a nap at some point, No, who am I kidding.

Oh, And About That Free Stuff…

I’m doing a little experiment with the launch of Domna. I normally share a chapter or two of a new book, but this time around I’m going to share the entire first part of this six-part serialized novel. That’s right, starting in a couple weeks, I’ll be posting one Domna chapter a week as I crawl toward my Launch Day of 9 January 2019.

So, stay tuned for all the exciting changes and, of course, the FREE stuff!!!

How about you? Any big changes lately? Ever take an online course? See you Saturday with Finn McSpool’s next installment of his Irish adventure! And I’ll be back next week with (hopefully) some of those new features!! See you then!

11 thoughts on “Changes Are on the Way (and so is free stuff)

  1. Oh wow, that’ll keep you out of mischief for a while! But I hope you get to take a break from that ever-growing to-do list and have a mini-party to celebrate your freedom from Amazon prison! Also, I’ve never taken an online course, but I’d be interested to hear how you get on. I might take the plunge myself then!
    Good luck with it all, Tammie! 😀

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    1. Break? What’s a break? I’m about a third of the way through the course and slowly implementing all the info. Hopefully, once I’m done and everything is fully in place, I won’t be drowning in too much fame and success to give an update on how the course went. 😂😂😂


  2. Wow, what a lot going on! But it all seem to have a forward movement, so that’s good. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you learn a lot of useful stuff. Wishing you much luck!
    After a sad summer, I’m getting ready for my fall craft shows, so I’ll be online somewhat less. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Finn’s adventures, he’s my favorite little monster.


    1. Hi Jackie,
      Yes, it’s been a crazy week of staring at the computer trying to coax things into submission, but it’s always great to give everything a makeover and fresh start. Sorry to hear you had a bummer summer, but I’m glad Finn puts a smile on your face.


  3. Ekkkkk I’m super late to the party, and it sounds like I’ve missed a lot! I noticed changes to the website as soon as I came to catch up on the ol’ blog. Looks good and organised! I also really like the idea of getting one chapter at a time of Domna Part 1! Can’t wait! I don’t know how you fit all the work for the business side of things in with your writing schedule?!

    Since you asked…. holy crikey, a lot of big changes for me lately too. Biggest I guess being that I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!! I haven’t touched the blog in a month…. augh, need to get on that.


    1. OMG!! Congratulations on your unemployment (wait, it is a good thing, right?) You seemed pretty fed up with the place, but how are you going to work on your acting skills – specifically your I’m-so-pretending-not-to-kill-you range of moods? And, damn you! You did a sneak peek of what I was going to post about today – the big blog reveal. Ah well. Right now, I’m not fitting everything in and having a tiny meltdown of “how in the world am I going to to all this done AND write four more books by the end of next year?” Deep breath, deep breath. Deep wine glass :))

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      1. Thank yooooooooou!!!! It’s starting to feel pretty great as reality sinks in! I mean, yes, I’ll be extra poor from my paltry pub income, but hopefully can make it work. I’ve just drawn up a productivity schedule not dissimilar from yours for following my dreams, and there really are not enough hours in the day! I guess I need to stop faffing around and get quicker at some tasks. You’re my inspiration, so no pressure. Eeeeek! No meltdowns allowed! You can do it!


      2. What? What meltdown? I didn’t see a meltdown anywhere. Yeah, this pesky 24-hour day is really getting in the way of my productivity dreams. Maybe some office space will open up on another planet with a longer day. Best of luck with the productivity schedule (of course, mine has completely gone out the window….guess it’s time to draw up a new one).

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      3. Thank you, we shall see! I have a feeling that mine will also have to be an ever evolving document, as I haven’t factored in things like getting up every half hour to feed Edward’s insatiable hunger :-/


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