Hey Everyone,

Thanks for bearing with the brief blog hiatus last week. Now, on with the show because, as promised a couple weeks ago, it’s time for Finn and I to set sail from Inishmore and dart off to Dublin.

By the way, you may be wondering how I managed to keep Finn McSpool from throwing a tantrum over being denied his weekly moment of glory on the Blogosphere last Saturday. Let me just sum it up in three words: sensory deprivation chamber. It worked so well, he still thinks it’s last week and that we’re right on schedule for our first day in Dublin. Oh, and by “sensory deprivation chamber” I mean “my desk drawer.”

Leaving Inishmore

As the picture below will show, we woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the early morning ferry from Inishmore back to Ros a Mhil where we would catch the shuttle that would take us to Galway where we would then catch the bus that would whisk us straight across the country to Dublin.

Our final Aran Island sunrise.

Thankfully, the Evil One had cleared out of Galway so there were far fewer hormonal pre-teens lurking around town, but in a few days we would learn we hadn’t fully escaped the Sheeran curse.

Hello Dublin!

The first order of business in Dublin wasn’t, as you might expect, grabbing a pint. It was finding our home away from home. Thankfully, the owner met us on an easy-to-find street corner because he then guided us along many twists and turns and, I do believe a few wormholes into alternate universes, to get to our little cottage.

After the long bus ride, Finn was eager to check in, as you can see….

Finn, we do have a key.

Now, Mr Husband and I, despite our bargain hunting ways, have stayed in some pretty cool vacation rentals, but this place took the prize for adorableness (is that a word?). The rental was one in a cluster of little red brick cottages that used to be the homes of the workers for Guinness Brewery. I can’t imagine raising a family in the wee space, but for a couple people and a Beastie, it was great. There was even a little garden and patio!

Meeting Finn’s Maker

After cramming some laundry into the washing machine, it was time to head a couple blocks over to meet up with the famous Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties.

But wait, there were all those twists and turns and wormholes, and all these red cottages look the same. Worried we’d never find our way back, I took a picture of what our little cul-de-sac looked like so we could find our way back (I suppose a trail of bread crumbs could have worked, but Finn might have eaten them all).

After being super helpful in assisting me with picking a place to stay, Helen was eager to see our disgustingly cute cottage. So, we did exactly what they tell you NOT to do and invited a stranger from the Internet into our (temporary) home.

Um, Finn, I’m not sure that’s how a door knocker works.

Helen turned out to not be an axe murderer (well, not on this day), and, as you’ll remember, soon after she arrived I was glad we’d gotten a place with two rooms because our Beastie numbers increased two hundred percent!!

Time for Sightseeing

Besides being an amazing maker of all things Beastie (seriously, check out her most recent work, it’s crazy amazing!), Helen happens to be a knower of all things Dublin (yes, knower is now a word) and has special powers to get frazzled Americans into a book lover’s dream location.

But before we headed to this book-filled wonderland, we got a whirlwind tour of our neighborhood full of tidbits of information and the sights of Dublin including the saucy statue of Molly Malone, known more correctly as The Tart with the Cart. Finn did his best to mimic her stoic, gazing-far-off-in-the-distance look.

molly malone, dublin, ireland

Then he found a more comfortable perch. The statue is now known as The Buxom Beauty with a Beastie, or The Finn-Infested Floozy. Take your pick.

molly malone, dublin, ireland

And Onto Those Books

As an alumnus of Trinity College (sooooo jealous!!), Helen has magic powers: she can get people into the Trinity College Library for free. Mr Husband and I later discovered another way to get into the library for free, but unless you’re quite fast and can play it cool, I don’t recommend it.

The library houses the illuminated manuscript, The Book of Kells, but to be honest unless you happen to be there on a day an amazing page is on display, it’s a tiny bit disappointing (if you’re interested in fancy books, I’ll share a better option with you in a couple weeks). For me though, the highlight was the library itself.

trinity college library, dublin, ireland
Honey, I’m home!

You’ve probably seen gobs of pictures of the Trinity College Library’s Long Room, which consists of two tall stories of books, books, and more books . Of course, with our own private tour guide, we learned the library used to only be one story, but they needed more room for more books and so threw another story onto the library.

trinity college library, dublin, ireland
Finn considered moving in here for the week.

Fun tidbit: When we got back to the cottage we noticed a picture on the wall that showed the interior of the library before the second story was added! I have to say the remodel was an impressive improvement.


I thought we’d left all signs of critters behind on Inishmore, but Helen informed us that there were stables near our humble abode and not to be surprised if we see kids racing in pony-drawn carts on weekend evenings. She wasn’t wrong. One evening we did see a few rascals trotting their cart and pony down a nearby thoroughfare, and sights like this weren’t uncommon…

The only traffic noise we heard from the cottage was the sound of horses’ hooves!

And that is Dublin Day One! What do you think? Next week, Finn will be back with a tour of some ancient wonders and I’ll be back next Wednesday with a little bit of writing-related housekeeping, updates, and an announcement. Hope to see you then!!

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12 thoughts on “The Books, Beasties, and Bronze Tarts of Dublin

  1. Oh my – sensory deprivation chamber – hope Finn is okay – ha! You are still cracking me up with the Ed She…I mean “the Evil One who corrupts the minds of pre-teens with his addicting music” references. Love the photos and how amazing to go to Trinity College Library!


    1. Yes, the library was amazing, but they’re very rude and won’t let you thumb through the books. Since I know you like the Evil One, you’ll be glad to know he’ll be returning in a couple weeks…for better or for worse (likely worse).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t BELIEVE you let Helen into your home…. she seems sooooo the axe murder type!! Phewft, glad you guys made it out alive! Would have been a shame for y’all to have survived Cork, only to meet your demise in Dublin.

    It’s almost as if the Molly Malone statue maker was resentful at having to represent a woman and felt the need to add a couple unnecessary points of interest on his work. Obviously, I have had to look further into this…. and it appear that it was designed by a woman?! Wikipedia goes on to say, ‘Her low-cut dress and large breasts were justified on the grounds that as “women breastfed publicly in Molly’s time, breasts were popped out all over the place.”‘ Sound reasoning. I mean, what?! Are women not breastfeeding publicly today? What does breastfeeding have to do with Molly Malone and her cockles? And what kind of historical justification is that?! And where in the song does it note that Molly Malone was a DD? Well, at any rate, I’m glad Finn enjoyed them. That’s what’s important, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, one of these days, all that fine detail work is going to cause Helen to snap and she will become a crazy axe murderer. Although the axe will only be made of felt, so it won’t be too bad. As for your in-depth research into Molly Malone and her possible breast-feeding representation…I wonder if Finn was just up there looking for a snack. And now I have to go scrub my mind clean of the image of breasts popping out everywhere.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haahahhaa major LOL at Finn’s snack. And so true–thank god Helen can only make felt-based weapons… though it could be quite painful if all that needle felty stabbing she does goes awry….


  3. Hahahahaaaaaa! 😂😂😂 Oh, this is what I get for not checking in on this post immediately after it was published. Dear Internet, I solemnly swear that I’m not an axe murderer, and that Tammie and Mr Husband are both alive and well! Anyway, despite the potential risks of inviting strangers you meet online into your home and holiday, I’m certainly glad you did! Also, although I’m probably supposed to chastise you for cruelty to Beasties, well done on duping Finn into believing that his blogging schedule has been uninterrupted. I’ll have to remember the power of the sensory deprivation drawer for future Beastie wranglings of my own! 😁


    1. She lies, everyone!! Totally an axe murderer (I saw the handle sticking out of her satchel), but the cuteness of our little cottage soothed her violent soul. And yes, for as smart as they think they are, it’s embarrassingly easy to trick a Beastie. Although the sensory deprivation drawer is also where I keep my felt Beastie cookie, sandwich, and Hop Monster beer, so maybe Finn wasn’t all that deprived.


      1. If that’s sensory deprivation, I’ll sign up for a stint in there myself! 😀 I’ll also need you to stop telling everybody I’m an axe murderer… I was TOTALLY just holding on to that axe for a friend. 😬

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      2. Oh right, why would you bother with a big, unwieldy axe when you’ve got those knitting needles at hand? Sorry, I really need to learn to classify my psychopaths better. 😉


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