Excuses, Excuses, Exc– Oh Look, Wine!

Dear Three People Who Actually Read This Blog,

Please brace yourself for some difficult news. Are you ready? No, I mean, really ready because this could be potentially devastating and ruin the rest of your week. Okay, good, I see you’ve grabbed hold of a glass of wine to help console yourself. Here we go…

I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging. That’s right. No writing news. No Finn McSpool. No Traffic Donkeys.

Begging your froggy forgiveness.

See, I’m thisclose to being done with the latest round of edits of Domna, and since this is the last draft in which I need to sort out any major issues (the remaining drafts will just be proofing and style polishing), I’m eager to get them done and over with.

Before you drown your sorrows away in that glass (or ten) of wine, do know I’ll pick up again next Wednesday with the post I’d planned for this week.

Oh, and while you’re still sober….

Be sure to take a minute to vote in Round Two of my book cover survey if you haven’t done so already. The results are VERY close so every vote matters!!!

Thanks everyone!! I’ll see you once I make my way around the dark side of the editing moon.

Book Cover Survey….VOTE NOW!!!!


9 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses, Exc– Oh Look, Wine!

    • TammiePainter says:

      OH good, I’m glad you were prepared for the disaster 😂 As for Finn, I’ve sent him to go to a spa with a sensory deprivation tank and told them to keep him in there for the week then tell him only a day has gone by when they let him out. And your new Beasties look like an amazing couple!


  1. weekesgaehl says:

    OMG I honestly thought you were about to tell me that you were quitting blogging altogether, and I let out an audible gasp on bus! Hahaha phewwwwffffff good luck on your Weekesian hiatus! My current hiatus is due to new D&W stalker (no joke!) who I’m hoping will simmer down. Ohhhh blogging.


  2. tierneycreates says:

    “Dear three people who actually read this blog” – oh my goodness you crack me up. I must be one of those three people 🙂
    I will even go vote on the book cover survey….oh and enjoy your wine 😉


  3. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Yep, you definitely have at least 4 readers! Here I am, just a leeeetle bit late to the party… And mercifully unshocked by your devastating announcement, because I see a shiny fresh post above this one! Hope Editfest went well, and Finn wasn’t too dazed by his stint in sensory deprivation/solitary confinement! 😂


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