Book Cover Survey Round Two

Ding ding ding! 

Yep, that’s the bell to signal Round Two of the Book Cover Challenge is about to begin. The competition was fierce in the first round. Some covers were completely knocked out of the competition, while others seem to be going the distance. Now, the players battling for supremacy in the ring have been narrowed down to three.

Image from Conmongt on Pixabay

But wait, who’s that? An underdog has entered the fight. A cover no one has seen before. This could completely alter this competition. Will this one take the prize, or will it throw in the towel? I just hope there’s no sucker punches.

Enough With the Boxing!!!

Okay, that’s pretty much exhausted my boxing terminology. The point is three covers from the first round of the book cover survey have made it to round two, but I’ve also come up with a new cover after doing a bit of thinking and advice-taking from your comments.

So, let’s get to the voting and I’ll give you a little title (NOT heavyweight title) news once we’re done.

Book Cover Survey Round Two

As before there are a few things to keep in mind as you look over these four covers for Domna.

  • Most Important: The cover needs to be eye-catching at a small size, so please resist the urge to enlarge them as you look them over.
  • Second most important: I want the cover to convey a sense of mystery, of Greco-Roman historical fantasy, and/or of a strong female protagonist.
  • Third most important: Try not to overthink this. Look over the samples as quickly as possible then pick the cover that entices you the most.
  • Important?: Because of Apple’s regulations, I do need the subtitle in there and the Novel of Osteria bit, but these do NOT have to be super legible.

Ready? Here are the Four designs to choose from…..

So top left is A (Statue), top right is B (Eyes), bottom left is C (Orange), and bottom right is D (Split Screen). Note: Ignore any Canva watermarks on the image (it will be removed).

How to vote (Easy!!)

  • Simply use the survey form below to mark the number of the design that most caught your eye (sometimes you can’t see the form in WordPress Reader or email, in that case, just visit this post at my blog to vote).
  • Of course, any thoughts are welcome, so don’t hesitate to critique, compliment, or offer suggestions. The covers can be adjusted for brightness, saturation, color tone, so if there’s one you like but think it could use a color/tone shift, just let me know.

The Title Wars

After telling you a bit about how Domna came to be last week, I mentioned there might also be a title survey to go along with this second book cover survey. After a bit of brainstorming and using Mr Husband as a sounding board over the weekend, I’m glad to say the Title Wars have been called off and a truce has been declared.

Luckily, peace terms were settled before it turned into this.

The fight was over whether “Domna” would make any sense to anyone. Probably not, but I have strong reasons for choosing that title. However, because I’m hoping to lure historical fiction fans into this serialized novel, I thought perhaps I should go with titles more align with that genre, many of which are The So-and-So’s Daughter, The SomeMan’s Wife, The Girl Who Did of Had Something, and the like.

These titles make me grit my teeth since they seem to say female protagonists can’t be anything unless tied to a man, but this is a very popular title trope, so maybe there’s something to it. However, because so much happens to Sofia Domna over the course of this very very long book, her roles change greatly. In Part One, she’s a lovelorn girl, by Part Six she’s nearly in control of all of Osteria. No one title suited all these changes.

So, rather than change the title, I added to it by giving each part of the serialized novel its own subtitle (many of which happen to be the titles I’d been brainstorming as possibilities for the main title). I’m still playing with these a bit, but here’s what’s on tap so far…

  • Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter
  • Part Two: The Solon’s Secret (or The Solon’s Son)
  • Part Three: The Centaur’s Gamble
  • Part Four: The Regent’s Edict
  • Part Five: The Forgotten Heir
  • Part Six: The Solon’s Wife

Any thoughts on this work around for the title conundrum? Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think!!

Next Wednesday I’ll be back with a little more on the world of Domna and how it’s different than the other Osteria books. And Saturday Finn will be more than ready to get back to his Ireland Adventure and our final day on Inishmore. See you then!!!


20 thoughts on “Book Cover Survey Round Two

  1. I love these! I voted for the split screen, though my first impulse was the one with the huge eyes. I went with D because I think it works better as the crossover you’re going for with your readership. B screams fantasy. D whispers it. And I think the title works well.


    1. Thanks Sarah!! I was a little worried the bottom image on D might be difficult to make out. I may play with the size of the black bar on that one if it wins so the image is bit more visible. Thanks for the input :))


  2. Oooh, tricky one! I went for Eyes, but it was close between that and Statue… The Eyes have it though (ha!) because I thought the lens flare in the image fitted nicely with your new subtitle. Great idea with the subtitles, by the way! Oh, and I did like the surprise latecomer, but my eye was drawn more to the colourful covers, which is why Eyes got my vote. Hope that helps! 😀


    1. Ah, but would that little spark in Eyes hold through with the other subtitles? I might play around with the color tone on the newcomer to make it a little less monochromatic, but so far it’s a neck and neck tie between Eyes and Split Screen. If this goes to another round, I’m going to have to come up with more sports terminology and I’m not sure I can manage that twice in one lifetime. Thanks for voting!!!


  3. Welllll… I hit up Statue again! They all look good at this point, though. Phew, I’m glad you decided to stick with Donma and mentioned your reticence about the other titles so I don’t have to go into a rant about their sexist patriarchal nature! Subtitles is the way to go, methinks. Really looking forward to this one…


    1. I’m glad you approve of my only half-submitting to the man-centric title tropes. I liked Domna too much to strip away her title at this point. And unless you rally some others to your side, it looks like Statue may not survive this round of the competition…oh no!!!!

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