Don’t get me wrong with that post title. The Irish aren’t the evil ones. The majority are, in fact, helpful, welcoming, and able to talk circles around you. However, they aren’t always good at keeping evil Englishmen off their island.

This inability of the Irish Border Control to recognize evil was true in the past and led to a lot of strife for the Emerald Isle. As we’ll soon discover, some of that evil-induced strife continues today.

With our trip to Kinsale having taken up most of a day, Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I only had one more day to endure in Cork (and by that I mean, one more day to spend as much time  away from Mr. Weirdo’s AirB&B as possible) before we caught the Citylink bus to Galway for our next adventure and an encounter with evil.

Unfortunately, this malevolent encounter turned out not to be our first for this vacation, nor would it be our last.

Besides a spin around the Crawford Art Gallery, a linger over a coffee at the English Market, and a wander along the river, we wasted a good amount of time in an Aldi we stumbled upon. Since there’s few things more fascinating to me than non-American grocery stores, this was a great way to kill time. And Finn even found a bag of snacks made just for him…

Notice that monster on the bag of “Creepies” is a ginger? That should have been a sign of the evil to come.

Finally, the time arrived for us to make our escape from the super strange vibe of our AirB&B and we breathed a sigh of relief that the ordeal was over as we jumped on the Citylink and trundled away to Galway where we would catch a shuttle to the harbor in Ros a’Mhil and then take a ferry to our next destination.

But first, we had a few hours to kill in Galway, so we checked our bags at a handy hostel and started to explore. The first thing we noticed was that Galway was bizarrely crowded, maybe not Tokyo-subway crowded, but pretty damn close. Still, it was amazing weather and a Sunday afternoon; so we figured everyone was out and about enjoying the day.

The sights of Galway :))

As I was getting snap happy with the Guinness signs on a pub, I noticed a banner hanging overhead announcing Ed Fest. We then recalled a notice in the hostel stating the shuttle buses to Ros a’Mhil might be delayed due to people trying to get to the Ed Sheeran concert, but not to worry as the ferries would wait for the shuttle buses.

It then began to dawn on us that the crowds were disproportionally peopled with teenage girls and their annoyed parents. How could that hostel tell us not to worry?!! We were among the minions of the Dark Lord. He that shall be named Sheeran.

Evil incarnate!!!

We then discovered that this wasn’t the first time Evil Ed had messed with our vacation. See, we had originally planned to spend a night in Galway or two enjoying the Atlantic breezes (read “howling wind”) and vibe (aka “booze”) of the town, but when I tried to book a room months and months back when I was doing my planning, EVERYTHING was full. So, thanks to Evil Ed we had to suffer that extra time in the creepy Cork AirB&B/prison cell.

Curse you, Ed Sheeran!!!

homer, fist shaking rage

Wait. Now that I think of it, maybe our AirB&B host was a perfectly normal guy. Ed Sheeran HAD just played in Cork the day before we arrived. So maybe, just maybe, our host was a victim of the Dark Lord’s evil influence. He wasn’t creepy, he just needed an exorcist.


As concert time neared, piles of teenage flesh were crammed into a fleet of waiting buses (I think they employed some of those Tokyo subway crammer-inners).

Worshipers of the Dark Lord waiting to cram themselves into one of about 50 Sheeran Shuttle buses.

It was also nearly time to catch our own non-evil shuttle. Let’s just say those first few kilometers took nearly as long as the remaining 30km up to Ros a’Mhil.

Eventually, we made it and the ferry chugged across Galway Bay to our next vacation destination: Inishmore, the largest of the three Aran Islands.

The sea view alleviated some of the Sheeran-induced trauma, but he still looks a bit shell shocked.

This particular island claims to be the inspiration for Craggy Island of the hilarious Father Ted series and even has a Ted Fest each year (much MUCH less evil than Ed Fest).

father ted

As a fan of the show, I was thrilled to see the welcoming sight of the tourist office….

craggy island tourist office, father ted, inishmore, ted fest

….but since we’d caught the late ferry over (VERY late due to Evil Ed), the tourist office was closed, so we continued up the hill to our B&B where we received a warm welcome.

Um, Finn, that might not be the smartest place to lounge.

After being shown our Finn-coordinated room….

…we all sat down to possibly the most photogenic pot of tea I’ve ever encountered, while the B&B owner, Alison, gave us the lowdown on what we might want to do with our time on the island.

Alison was very much NOT creepy and we no longer felt like we were shacking up in a prison cell. There were even some lovely Finn-colored flowers in bloom just outside our door. We thought, “Surely, we’ve left Evil behind.”


We were wrong, so very very wrong. I’ll tell you more later, but for now let’s just say I don’t think this is a costume….

The REAL Ed Sheeran!!

There’s more to the Evil Ed story coming when we get to Dublin, but next Saturday Finn and I will be hopping on (and falling off of) some two-wheeled transportation to show you some of the sights of Inishmore. See you then!! And see you Wednesday with another quick writing update.


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13 thoughts on “Finn Learns the True Nature of Evil in Ireland

  1. Hahaha he really is the worst and he’s everywhere! I also would not recognise/do not know a single song of his. Who knew that Voldemort so closely resembles a Weasley? At any rate, I’m glad your tale ended with an escape from evil/BnB Prison and a cuppa… for now!

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    1. He’s the Weasleys’ dark secret and will probably feature in Rowling’s next series. I can’t wait to see Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson magically pummel the crap out of him. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gaaaaah! The Dark Lord Sheeran has hijacked your blog, as well as your holiday! What IS his appeal, exactly? 🤔 But hey, at least he didn’t follow you to the Aran Islands. I love the photo of the tourist office, and your perfectly colour-coordinated accommodation! I’m also going to make it my mission to hunt out some Creepies today… I think they’re exactly what my diet has been missing 😂


    1. I think the creepiest part about those Creepies was the flavor: pickle and onion?! They’ll definitely make your breath creepy. And I was pretty amazed that our room was color-coordinated with Finn. Do you think he hacked into my email and sent a special request? The worst part about this blog post? I now have “Ed Sheeran photos” in my browser history. i may just have to throw this computer out al together to rid myself of the shame/horror.


      1. Oh no! I don’t think there’s any software strong enough to purge the Sheeraniness from your PC, and protect the natural environment from the contagion that would result from you merely throwing it away. You’ll probably have to blast it into space. As for those Creepies, you’ve called it – the smell of pickled onion crisps lingers like the words “Ed Sheeran photos” in your browser history. I think they’re a rip-off of Meanies, the popular crisp choice of the under-10s when I was a young’un myself. No-one really liked them, but they only cost 5p a bag, so that left more pocket money over to buy sweeties. Ah, the sweet oniony pong of nostalgia… 😂

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      2. But I have a Mac! I thought it would be safer from gingery viruses than a PC. I guess, like snack-induced onion breath, some things just can’t be prevented. Now you have me thinking of Funyons, the US oniony snack treat I ate as a kid that were in the shape of onion rings (which must be the “fun” part).


  3. Ha! Creepies Snacks – hysterical. I am guilty of being an Ed Sheeran lover. I listen to him every day on my iPhone or on internet radio. It is a weird addiction! Sorry Evil Ed causes you travel woes! 🙂

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    1. I actually think he has a great voice but just can’t understand the rabid fandom. And the crowds/traffic of his minions in Galway turned out to be the least of the evil. More to come 😃

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