Yes, it’s a rare two-Saturdays-in-a-row, Beastie-filled post! Finn McSpool is resting after all the book launch mayhem that’s been going on this week, but I’ve pulled myself out of bed to show off the creation of the newest Beasties on the block. Well, I should say Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties has been doing the showing off, I’m just adding a tiny bit of my own commentary.

Below, you’ll see the full details of Beastie creation, but what Helen didn’t show off was her source material and sketches that were used to bring Tammie & Mr Husband Beastie to life.

First, tricksy Mr Husband sent Helen a few of our wedding photos (one of those times I couldn’t avoid the camera despite my best efforts).

Looks like I’ve already lost his attention!

From the photos, Helen came up with some terrific sketches using her hand dandy computer program. The sketches included Beastie color options (Mr Husband did get a little ridiculing for not opting to make my Beastie self pink), clothing ideas, and accessories galore.

I could have been pink!!!

Not being keen on the decision making (and maybe having watched too much Harry Potter, Mr Husband said, “I’ll take the lot!”

And the fabulous results can be seen in full detail in the Beastie Headquarters’ blog post below (just click the link or the image below to be whisked away to beastieland)…

It’s new Beastie day! So it must be… Friday? Yes, we’re breaking with tradition a little here, but after giving this very special pair a brief introduction in Tuesday’s post, I couldn’t wait a whole week to give you the guided tour! This cheerful monster couple were created as a very special birthday gift for…

via A Beastie Birthday Bonanza! — Beastie HQ

As you may have noticed on Wednesday’s post, the two new Beasties aren’t slacking off. Less than a week after moving into their new home and they were helping me celebrate and promote the launch of my latest book, The Bonds of Osteria, and the many sales on all the other three books in the series.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a great weekend. See you next Wednesday with a spectacular book launch report!

Right now you can get each book in the Osteria Chronicles for only 99cents…that’s the whole series (so far) for less than $4 (price may vary depending on your region)!

Be sure to grab your copies today (universal book links below)!

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The Bonds of Osteria

13 thoughts on “My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

    1. Yes, Helen is going to have to come up with some Beasti-fied titles for the other books in the series! Mr Husband did suggest to her a whole Beastie collection based on the books so we can make a stop-motion animation film…you know, because we both have so much extra time on our hands ;)).

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  1. Well, you already know my feelings on this awesomeness!!!! Amazinggggggg. LOL at the caption on your wedding photo. And you’re totally loony – you look beautiful!!! Sinead and I are glad Mr Husband opted for the blue version of Tammie. She’s still got some pink stripey legs after all. Gosh, what a treat – it’s all SO YOU. How can you ever top this for Mr Husband’s birthday? Nearly makes up for him scanning the hills during your vows. ❤


    1. Sadly, Mr Husband’s birthday had already come and gone in April…my gift to him was a crappy backpack that was too small for his needs. Sigh…so now I have a lot of making up to do on the gift-giving front! Oh, and he’s looking at the ocean. He’s addicted to water sports and I just know he was thinking of going boogie boarding at that moment! Luckily, he at least waited until AFTER the vows before staring at his other love. :))

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      1. Hahaha glad to hear… and who can really complete with the ocean? I guess he got you back by getting you a backpack and a satchel that are both too small for any human needs! 🙂

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  2. Eeeeeek! Sorrreeeeeeee! I can’t believe I missed this until now as well! Thanks SO MUCH for your franchise-building skills, Tammie… And for giving everybody a behind-the-scenes peek at the Beastification process! I hope the fact that you’re now wrangling 3 Beasties instead of one isn’t eating into your writing time too much as well. At least they’ve all joined in your marketing efforts for “Bonds”! Now I’m off to clone myself several times so that we can make the stop-motion Beasties of Osteria series a reality… 😀

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    1. The Beasties have been pretty quiet. Or at least i think they have. I’ve been too busy to pay attention to their antics, but I haven’t heard any complaints from the neighbors. As for building your Beastie franchise…no problem! It’s way more fun to dream up projects for your business than mine (since mine is basically just “write another book”).

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