Yes,. it’s finally here!! Today is the official Release Day for The Bonds of Osteria, the fourth installment of my highly recommended fantasy series in which myths come to life as you’ve never seen them before!

I have SO much to say about this release and Finn McSpool has even organized a photo shoot in honor of the book’s birthday, but I know many of you are here for the freebies and bargains mentioned in the post title, so let’s just cut to the chase and get to those first, shall we?

Release Day Sale #1 – The Bonds of Osteria is Only 99 Cents

Let’s start with the book of the hour (cue drum roll). The Bonds of Osteria, will be marked down to 99 cents for the next week. The price will then go up to $3.99 (US), so be sure to grab your copy today by following this link or clicking on the image below.*

Of course, if you want to sample Bonds before you buy, you can check out three chapters from the book on my blog (here, here, and here) and learn a little bit about a few of the myths that inspired the book.

Release Day Sale #2 – The Trials of Hercules (Book One) is FREE

Yes, free!!! This is the perfect chance to jump into this captivating series. The only way I could make it any easier is if I came over and clicked the Buy Now button for you. Since I can’t quite squeeze that into my schedule, you’ll just have to follow this link* or click the image below to visit the land of freebies.

Ignore that banner, the book is actually free through Friday!

Release Day Sale #3 – My 99-for-99 Deal

For those of you who want to stock up on your Osteria-ness, I’m also running what I’m calling my 99-for-99 sale on Books Two and Three of the series (The Voyage of Heroes and The Maze of Minos). For 99 hours (which started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning) you can get both books for only 99 cents each. Note, this is an Amazon promo that only works in some regions (such as the US and UK), so many apologies if you don’t see the sale prices at this link* or this link*.

*A note on those links: To keep from cluttering up this post with a gob of region-specific Amazon links, the links provided will take you to a handy dandy, super snazzy webpage where, with the click of a button, you’ll be whisked away to the Amazon store for your country/region. Pretty cool, huh?!

Time for a Sincere Thanks

Don’t worry, it’s almost time for the Beastie photo shoot, but I just want to take a few quick paragraphs to reflect on a bit on the making of this book.

First, let me just take a moment to say how amazed (and relieved) I am that Bonds actually made it to publication. After a huge hiccup in production during Book Three, I was ready to abandon the series altogether. However, a few inspiring words from just a single person who had read Books One & Two made all the difference to get me back on track (proof that reviews, whether in person or online, really do matter).

Due to the many storylines that make up the novel, Bonds was a struggle at times and there was a good amount of cursing when the timeline for one storyline just refused to mesh with another storyline. Although I was tempted to take a hammer to my computer, eventually with plenty of post it notes, colored pens, and rewriting (and maybe a bit of wine), things finally meshed together.

I want to thank everyone who visits and comments on this blog on a regular basis. Writing can be lonely work and your interactions really do keep me smiling and motivated to continue to share my writing process.

I’d also like to thank the super stars out there on my mailing list who have accepted my invitation to join my Advanced Review Team (aka “Team Tammie”). Your interest in helping me launch this book was overwhelming and I appreciate all your support!

But enough of this sappy stuff. It’s well beyond time for….

The Beastie-Filled Release Day Photo Shoot

In celebration of Release Day, Finn thought he’d act out one of the story lines from the book. Maybe we should call him Bellerophon Beastie for today?

While Finn was trying to figure out how to get his trusty steed to fly, Tammie and David Beastie  were having a sneak peek at their copy of Bonds and somehow got trapped in a festive confetti storm while they were reading.

Finally, it was time for a sun-dappled group photo. Great job, Finn! Thanks for putting that all together. No, this doesn’t mean you get an extra helping of beer tonight.

One Last Word: Paperbacks

I know some of you out there are paperback fans and don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. All four books are available in paperback format through Amazon (just use those book links above).

I used to offer a special price on paperbacks on Release Day, but with the new KDP Print system I’m able to price my books much lower than I used to. This means that the sale price I would offer you, is only a few cents cheaper than shopping directly through your local Amazon. However, if you really really really want to order directly through me, send an email and I can hook you up.

Thanks again everyone!!  Please do take advantage of those bargains and I’d love it if you could spread the word about them by telling a friend or simply sharing this post.

Have a terrific week of reading! Oh, and last Saturday I told you Finn wouldn’t have a post this Saturday, but I think there might be something special in the works, so be sure to come back this Saturday to see what monstrous things are happening!



11 thoughts on “Release Day Is Here! Free Books, Beastie Bargains & Sincere Thanks

  1. Crikey, I thought I’d at least commented on your release day post even though I’m super behind on everything… but I hadn’t!!!! I’M SORRY HAPPY RELEASE DAY TODAY A WEEK LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing how it’s going when I catch up on your following post! And looking forward to diving into Bonds! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Oh no, oh no! I’m late to the release day party too! But I guess that makes it more like a festival or season, rather than a one-day thing? So, happy even more belated release day, Tammie! Congratulations on whipping “Bonds” into shape, and I can’t wait to get my paws on my copy now that I’m back from holidays! Plus all of us here at Beastie Towers are loving the Bellerophon photo shoot! 😂

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    1. Yay, that makes it the First Annual Osteria Festival!! Tunics and Pegasuses for everyone! Glad the photo shoot was well received. When my mom gave that stuffed animal back to me, I had no idea what I was going to do with it (it’s from my Pegasus-and-Unicorn phase as a kid), but I finally found a use for it! Not saying I put the Pegasus storyline in Bonds just for that very purpose, but….

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