Céad míle fáilte (a 100,000 welcomes) from the Emerald Isle!

That’s right, the Beastie has landed! Finn McSpool is in Ireland, the land of his birth, for a couple weeks and is having far too much fun (read: drowning in stout and other libations) to do much of a post this week.

Still, you know how he is. Despite the jet lag, he’s been eager for as many photo ops as possible and wanted to share a few pics to tide you over until he can start on a full trip report a couple Saturdays from now.

So, from Finn and myself (and Mr Husband, too), “Tabhair aire!!” and “Slán go fóill!

There we were, enjoying a nice cuppa, then Finn decided the tea cozy would look better on him than the teapot.
Enjoying a sunny day and cooling his paws in the grass at Charles Fort in Kinsale.
Ooh, breakfast!
Finn declared he had found his Irish roots. Then I told him those were tubers.

See you next Wednesday with another peek at the myths that went into creating my upcoming book, The Bonds of Osteria.

PS – Apologies for any non-Finn weirdness with this post. Let’s just say the WordPress app is a nightmare to edit on.

13 thoughts on “The Beastie of a Hundred Thousand Welcomes

  1. Well, I’m glad to see he’s eating properly! Although it looks like he’s very much indulging his appetite at your expense. Have fun exploring the south (you’re actually visiting some places I’ve never been, how embarrassing!) and I’ll see you in Dublin in the coming week! 😀

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    1. I honestly don’t know how he maintains his figure with all this food and no exercise. I am glad he’s not gaining weight though since I have to lug him around in my backpack all day.


      1. They do have a pretty sweet life, these Beasties. Discovering humans must have been the best thing that ever happened to them! 😀 Besides, he probably thinks he’s doing YOU a favour with all this cardio you’re getting.

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      2. And now there’s two more to lug around. At least Finn had the good sense to be a light packer; these other two need their own porter to carry all their accessories!!


    1. So far he’s managed to not get us kicked out of anywhere….so far! 😂😉😂 Although he has been tempted to scale some church spires and do his King Kong impression.

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  2. Eeeeeeeeeeppppp!!! I need to catch up with all your Insta pics! I can’t wait to see more upcoming posts about the trip – sounds amazing so far. I hope you’re having a blast on your last few days! Sounds like Finn has been right at home….


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