Ooh, that’s an ominous title, isn’t it? It’s quite true, though, and I didn’t even know about it.

See, the other day, I heard some paper rustling. Since I was cranking out a novel and had my notebook firmly pinned down with my writing hand, I knew it wasn’t my paper.

It was time for a writing break (aka “make-sure-the-monster-hasn’t-gotten-into-any-trouble break”) anyway, so I went to see what trouble Finn might be getting into.


“Finn, are you plotting world domination with those maps?”


Okay, maybe I’ve gotten a bit wary from his other rabble-rousing antics and his desire to “help” me with my projects around the house, but I didn’t fully trust this quick response. Then I noticed Finn had designed his own little travel journal.

“Are you going somewhere, Finn?”


These succinct answers were making me nervous. Could the travel journal actually be his notes for world domination? But before I could sneak a peek, he’d pushed it off to the side and had pulled out some light reading. This giant tome started to clue me in on what might be going on.

“Finn, hey Finn.”


“Are you going to Ireland?”

“How did you know!? Are you a fortune teller, too?”

“No, I leave the fortune telling up to the Great Finnisky. Are you really going to Ireland?”

“Yep. And I’m going to meet my maker.”

“Ah cool, can I go?”


“Ah, c’mon, I take you on all my trips.”

“Not ALL your trips.” (Cue disgruntled Beastie noise.)

“Okay, I left you home ONCE when I went hiking a few weeks ago. You would have been scared of the witch’s house anyway.”


“So, I can go?”


“Yay!! Thanks Finn!”

“I’ve even found a nice place for us to stay, complete with flowers that color-coordinate with my skin tone.”

Not my highest priority when picking places to stay, but….

I’d like to think this invitation was an act of generosity on Finn’s part, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I’m the only one who knows where his passport is.

Either way, we’ll be heading to Ireland in the near future, which means plenty of Beastie fun and bloggy fodder. And yes, we are hoping to meet Finn’s maker, Helen Crawford of Crawcrafts Beasties while we’re in Dublin.

By the way, if you’re brave enough to risk letting a monster into your life, you should really go check out Helen’s fancy new website and maybe pick up a Beastie of your own!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with more from my writing world, and Finn will be back next week with his first photos from the Emerald Isle!! See you then!

How about you? Any monstrous plans coming up? Any trips planned in the near future? Been to Ireland recently and have tips to share? Tell me all about it in a comment below.


24 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Plans to Meet His Maker

    1. We went in 2008 and are finally making our way back. I’ve actually been so busy I’ve barely had time to look forward to it! Did you do one of the leisurely river cruises on the Shannon, or was it one of the whirlwind ocean/sea cruises?


  1. Wahooooo! Brace yourself, Dublin… Finn’s coming back to trace his roots! And now that the cat (or Beastie) is out of the bag about your trip, I can safely say that we’re all very excited to see him again – and to meet one of our favourite authors at last! See you soon 😁


    1. oops, this comment slid under the WordPress radar. However, you just reminded me to pack my cat. Now….which one will it be?


  2. Wooooohoooooo!!!! Gonna be sooooooo much fun! And yes, I was planning on robbing you since you’re going to be away for a nice chunk of time…. however, I reconsidered when I thought about how offended my friends and family would be if I finally returned to the states and committed a crime instead of visiting them. You’re safe! Seriously though, I hope you have a great time, and I can’t wait to read about all the antics!!!


    1. Well, you can always invite your friends and family along. Nothing like a crime spree to bring everyone together. Although, you will have to contend with my attack guinea pig! After an insane week beforehand, I will be SOOOOO glad when this vacation gets underway.

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      1. So true. I have my eye on your lip balm stash… mmmmmwwwhaha who has dry lips now?!?! JK I’d never be that mean…. you did all the work… you deserve conditioned lips…. I’ll just keep my dry ones…. Eeeeekkkk so excited for you! I hope you get everything finished up that you want to and can RELAX!


      2. Unfortunately, unexpected guests showing up just days before departure means very little relaxing. I’m putting my lip balm stash in my safe before I leave. Wait, I don’t have a safe. Drat!!!

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      3. OMGGGGG I’m sorry. I could not deal with that! I am always on the brink of a breakdown before going on a trip, and having a house guest (which also causes me to semi-break down) during my trip-prep would just send me over the edge! But you’re strong, you can do it. Aughghghghgh!!


      4. Um, yeah. That’s me at this point…very nearly going off a very steep edge. Plus, Mr Husband is sick (on the mend though), and I’m desperately afraid I’m going to end up with it. If the viruses and stress don’t leave me miserable with an illness, I swear I will sign myself up for the World’s Strongest Immune System competition (there is one, right?).

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      5. Omg I’m getting anxiety just hearing about this haha. This is all sooooo familiar!!!! Ugh. Well, I’m glad he’s on the mend (I guess he’ll be all chipper downing Guinness in Ireland having pawned it off on you), but all fingers crossed that you avoid the plague!!!!!! Lysol and Airborne! (Oh how I miss those products!) Hang on to that cliff edge just a lil longer…..


      6. There is a bit of a bleach campaign going on in this house right now. The house may smell like a swimming pool, but at least our door knobs are germ-free!

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