It’s another couple weeks that Finn McSpool hasn’t gotten out and about. While he’s complaining that this is ruining his chances to have the paparazzi chase him down and slap his photo on the cover of a gossip magazine, I have assured him that a BIG adventure is coming his way very soon.

Luckily, Beasties don’t have the greatest of attention spans and Finn was soon bragging about  his new talent: Seeing into the future. He did note that he needed to be amongst nature for the skill to work. Curious about this newfound skill (and hoping it might relate to lottery numbers), I followed him out to the garden.

Finn scurried on his tiny little legs, then halted at the edge of the patio, put his paw to his head, and, in a rather mystical voice (I wondered why he’d been practicing that), stated, “Behold! Future strawberries!”

“Gee, Finn, thats, um….impressive?”

My lack of awe for the Great Finnisky’s new talent didn’t stop him from scrambling up my espalier and proclaiming, “And here, I see future pears.”

Actually, I started to hope he did have some insight into the future since I’ve yet to get a pear off that tree. “Okay Great Finnisky, what do you see on the other espalier?”

“Puh-leeassse, that’s not even worth my powers. Even the least powerful oracle could see those are going to be currants in the near future.”

Understanding he wanted a challenge (and since he’d already gotten distracted from his visions by the chance to climb up a trellised vine), I said, “Tell me what the future holds for that vine you’re in, then.”

“Hmm, a tough one, not so willing to give up its secrets…”

“You don’t know, do you?”

“I fear the Great Finnisky’s Sight is not so clear in this part of the garden.”

“It’s a chocolate vine.”

“Ooh, chocolate!!!”

“No, don’t get too excited. It’s just an Akebia vine that produces bizarre fruit that smell a bit like chocolate.”

“So, it doesn’t grow Hershey bars?”

“Sorry, nope. Any other visions of the future?”

Finn–sorry, the Great Finnisky, shimmied down the akebia and dashed across the lawn toward the birdbath. Maybe his “Sight” isn’t so good in this part of the garden either because he had to get a reallllly close up look to see the future of his next customer.

“Yes, another tough one, but something’s coming from this one in the very near future. And I see before me…..future honeyberries!!!”

“Wow! I am impressed the Great Finnisky knew that one. How did you–?”

But before I could find out how the Great Finnisky learned about honeyberries, he was back to being Normal Finn and wanting his picture taken with plants that matched his purple and white coloring…

I thought we were finally done, but before I could get back to work, Finn saw a perfect photo op with some tulips and bluebells…

…but when he tried to climb the tulips it was time to rein in the Great Finnisky for the day!

How about you? Any future hopes for your garden? Any plants coming to life after this horribly long non-springy spring? Have a great weekend everyone and see you next Wednesday!!




16 thoughts on “Finn Sees Into the Fruity Future

  1. Oh how adorable! I loved this post, and it was so fun to see what’s sprouting in your garden. Up here where I lie, the earth is still cold and grim and we’re expecting icy rain in the next few days. So yep, nothing’s sprouting and nothing’s planted… i will be buying some sprouts that are in the process of sprouting pretty soon though! I will share them when they arrive!


    1. It has been an unseasonably cold spring here in Portland, but I am VERY happy that any snow and ice is long behind us (fingers crossed!). Still, I’m also going to resort to buying starts that are well on their way to being big and strong rather than take the risk of slugs and rain storms destroying my seedlings…a tough lesson that took me many seasons to learn. Can’t wait to see your garden!

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      1. Oh? I’ve always found tomatoes and peppers easy to start (maybe not start well, but i always got them to start…) it’s herbs that elude me. Completely


  2. Wow, I’m so impressed with the Great Finnisky!!! You’d expect him to have red hair with all that Sight! Garden is looking lovely as always… I hope that spring is truly on the way this time. And yes, I have ‘future hopes for my garden’ that it someday won’t look like a trash heap… slim hopes, slim.

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    1. With the wet and cold, my garden mostly looks like a swamp (I keep expecting to unearth Shrek at any moment). I just edit those bits out. And yes, I was thinking I should find some red fluff to stick on Finn’s head for a little Osteria tie-in! And your garden isn’t untidy, it’s “natural.” 😉😉

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  3. What’s that? A request for a wig, eh? I hope you have a nice big suitcase handy for any future travellings 😉 I’m bowled over by the Great Finnisky and his uncanny powers – he’s quite the oracle, even if his powers seem localised to very specific parts of the garden. My own gardening goals are very basic… Cure my plants of whatever leaf rust has been plaguing them this last while! I want to be able to use my homegrown herbs this summer!

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    1. Ugh, I hear you with the rust. I’ve got some pesky weedy geraniums that get spots and I’m always fretful they’re going to infect my currants or grapes. Um, no, Finn needs to travel light since I don’t want to pay the baggage fees for all his accessories! He forgot to show off his oracle magic with the Future Peas, but I didn’t think a picture of dirt-filled pots would impress anyone. 😜😜


      1. His powers of perception might, though! 😂 As for leaf rust, I think my sickly mint plant brought it into the garden, and although I read that mint rust is supposed to be mint-specific, I’m preeeeeetty sure it crossed over to my sage and rosemary plants. Have you any handy hints for getting rid of it, that don’t involve gross chemicals?


      2. You can never trust those mints…always up to no good! As for getting rid of the rust, beyond removing every single affected leaf you can try spritzing the plants with hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) or a mix of a teaspoon of vinegar to one liter of water (okay, technically those ARE chemicals, but…). You might want to make sure any clippers you use on the plants are sanitized too (with the HP or the vinegar). If you get really motivated, you may need to repot the plants in sanitized pots and fresh soil. And that’s your handy gardening tip of the day!


      3. Why thank you! I’ve been going with the “extreme haircut” remedy so far, and although that seems to have sorted out the mint plant, it’s pretty hard to get EVERY bad rosemary leaf! So I’ll crack out the vinegar and see how we go with that… Cheers, Tammie!


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