Geez, how long has it been since I set my colored pencils and paintbrushes aside to buckle down and truly focus on writing? Sifting back through the old blog post pile, it looks like it was WAY back in August 2017 (you know, ancient times as far as the Interwebs go) when I wrote about my Art Vs Writing Smaackdown.

The odd thing is that when I wrote that post, I totally thought I would miss working on my drawings and paintings, that I would set aside one day a week to work on an art project, that I wouldn’t fall so whole-heartedly back into my writing world. I was wrong. So wrong. I’m verging on obsessive with my yearning to get my new stories out and bursting with ideas for more tales. I’ve yet to set aside a day for “Art Stuff” and with the new production schedule I revealed last week, I don’t see Dedicated Art Day happening any time soon.

Okay I’m rambling. What’s my point? My point is that despite my lack of new art creation, I still have one final obligation to the art world. So, beginning tomorrow is what I expect will be my very last art show. Trust me, I’m not sad because these things are a pain to prep for…although this one was pretty simple since I had everything ready from all the shows I did last year. You know, the shows that were complete flops like this one, this one, and this one (sigh).

A little pre-show preparation

This will be another show with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and isn’t it rather fitting that my final show should with the group who gave me my first show!? (By the way if you are an artist who lives in Clackamas County, you need to get in on this group…they are WONDERFUL to work with.)

The Virtual Art Show

Since I know most of you won’t rush out to Oregon just to attend this last hurrah, I thought I’d give a little virtual tour of what’s going to be on display**.

We start off with some acrylic work called “Red Dance”

Then we move on to some colored pencil pieces: “Tangled” (formerly known as “Hey Buddy“), “Peep Show“, and “At Attention.”

Oh, and look a collage made it in! (“Moonlight“)

Then we have some more colored pencil work with “Popeye“, “Bright as Daylily”, and “Pink Lewisia.”

And we round out the display with another acrylic painting called “Pelican” (clever, huh?).

**If any of these pieces interest you, please let me know. I’m really really REALLY trying to find them new homes and am featuring some “Warehouse Clearance – Everything Must Go!!” prices. 

Where and when is this final hurrah happening? Here’s the details…

The show begins 12 April and ends 5 June 2018

Cafe Gallery – Clackamas County Development Services Building

150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, Oregon

Building Hours are Monday through Thursday 7am to 6pm


What’s everyone else up to? Any final projects you’re seeing the last of? Any new ventures coming your way? Finn McSpool and I will be back on Saturday (although he still hasn’t told me what we’ll be up to…yay, surprises!!).

15 thoughts on “One Last Artistic Hurrah

  1. I have missed seeing your art from time to time, but I’m so glad your decision turned out to be one that allowed you to jump full force back into the writing without distractions (makes me feel like I need to pick one of my multiple things and focus on it?). It really seems like you have picked up so much steam and are now chugging along in a great, purposeful direction! These pieces are beautiful though, and I’m glad they’ll be showcased one last time. I find ‘Pelican’, though pathetically titled, to be particularly impressive. On the computer screen, it does not even look like acrylic!

    PS What are you gonna do if the public suddenly wakes up at this showing and demands more visual art from you??


    1. If that very unlikely demand happens, I’m going to insist on payment upfront before putting pencil to paper (or just beg them o take all these old works off my hands and call them my ” highly collectible early period”)! Mr. Pelican says, “Thanks!” I’m still a little in awe of how well he came out given that I had no idea what I was doing. Yes, focusing on one thing is a change for me since I’m normally trying to chase down every shiny new object, but I feel really good about the focus. Fingers crossed that it pays off!

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    1. Ah, that’s what I love about this group, you just drop your stuff off and they take care of the rest (and if I ever sold anything -HA!- they don’t take a commission! Although I did get some attitude for showing up early…like was I supposed to know it would be one of the rare days in Portland when there was no traffic…sheesh!!

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      1. Jeez louise! I guess the art world isn’t like the theatre world where early is on time and on time is late!! I hope it went well… would be excellent to cap things off with a sale!

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  2. Oooh, good luck! Also, is it really that long since you bowed out of the art world? Jeeeez, time flies! Hope this last go-around is the success you always deserved… And if “Tangled” still needs a home, I’d love to offer it one at Beastie Towers!

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    1. If I could steal Tangled off the walls of the show, I’d bring it to you and force you to take it! I’ve decided since no one will buy these things, I might as well decorate my own walls with them. It’ll be a nice bit of spring re-decorating at the very least.


      1. Bah! I knew I should have shifted my grandma aside in that casket while putting my artwork up for sale in the funeral home reception room. I really need to see these opportunities when they crop up!


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