I’ve been working on something crazy the past few weeks. Something that looks far into the future. Something that most people (including myself) will look at and shout, “Are you mad, woman!!??” Something that has me a little scared.

But isn’t that the sign of a great invention? Just think of when Edward Jenner started going around saying, “Hey, let me inject you with this little bit of cowpox so you don’t get the smallpox.” Who wouldn’t think he was crazy?

Granted, my creation isn’t going to save mankind from disease and disfiguration (or will it….?), but I am hoping it will save my writing career.

Because, like a dorky girl with a crush on the football captain, I’m desperately trying to get Amazon to “notice” me. And to do this I need to get more books out in a more timely fashion (this equivalent of the montage scene where the dorky girl gets a makeover). Putting out one or two books a year may work for some super awesome writers, but it’s not working for me especially since I write in a pretty competitive genre.

And so, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I give you, The Production Schedule.

Oh dear. I hope there wasn’t too much fainting in the audience from the excitement.

But what is it, you ask? Ah, the curse of the inventor: people not understanding the genius of his or her creation.

What you see above (the spreadsheet, not Gene Wilder) is my plan for book production over the next two years. Yes. Two years. The top pink is 2018, the green is 2019, and all those little red scribbles are book releases. Well, planned book releases anyway.

The reason for so many releases is a basic self-publishing marketing strategy: Keep the releases coming so you stay “relevant” on Amazon’s algorithms. Supposedly this relevance makes the Amazon recommendation engine more likely to show your books to shoppers, which then further increases your relevancy (and by relevancy I mean sales figures). And it all (hopefully) turns into a big self-feeding loop.

But I’m not jumping into this plan without knowing my own work habits. I would never have contemplated something like this a couple years ago. But by now I’ve learned it takes me about four drafts to fully work out the kinks of my books, then a draft for proofreading and checking for formatting errors. Then one final read over to catch those last few sneaky typos. Using this knowledge and my desire to put out a book every couple months in 2019, I came up with The Production Schedule.

It’s scary. Very scary. Some months I have myself working on five books at a time, but keep in mind some of those books will be in the less-time-intensive read through stage and I’ve given myself way more time than I usually need for Draft One. I’m also working on strengthening my pre-writing efforts so the actual drafting part will go faster (that’s what they tell me anyway) and I’ll spend less time revising (something that ends up being a huge time suck for me).

In truth I have no idea if I can pull this off, but the schedule is only a spreadsheet, not chiseled in stone. If it needs to change, it can, but I’m going to be trying my damnedest to make it work because I am champing at the bit to get my writing noticed.

So what’s in the works?

  • The serialized historical fantasy books set in Osteria (see this post for more about this project) = 4 books starting in Fall 2018
  • The final two books of the Osteria Chronicles = 2 books in Spring & Fall 2019
  • Box sets of all of the above books = 1 release in mid-2019 and 1 in late 2019 or early 2020
  • A new paranormal fantasy series I am SUPER excited about (more on this soon) = 4 books in 2019, then more in 2020 (I haven’t decided yet how long the series will run)

It’s going to take plenty of nose-to-the-grindstone days, but something needs to jumpstart my discoverability and “write more books” is one bit of marketing advice I don’t mind following.

Any big pushes for you this year? Any plans scaring the pants off you but yet you’re still excited about? Leave a comment and let me know what’s up with you!!

And now I leave you with a bit of Osteria Chronicles humor…


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21 thoughts on “That’s My (Writing) Life Sorted

  1. Wow, impressive. Good luck with carrying the schedule out. I should create something similar, but I’m worried I’ll be too disappointed when I inevitably fall behind. 😄

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    1. Yes, I fear there may be some “beating myself up” over this schedule. Hopefully, the buffer zone of giving myself double the time I need for the first drafts will help avoid too much angst.

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  2. Oh my goodness are you going to be pooping out four books a year?! Congratulations for being so ambitious! I hope it works out well for you!


    1. Pooping out books is a good way to put it…but I do hope the analogy stops there and I don’t end up with a big pile of dung at the end of the year! Thanks for the encouraging words!!!

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      1. Hahaha, I’m sure it won’t be dung! You seem to have quite a grip on the editing process so it should be quite polished and nice! 🙂 good luck!

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  3. Well, as ever, your insane displays of productivity have thrown me into a panicked frenzy/possible existential crisis. I mean, that schedule is a thing of beauty…. and I will truly be in awe if you can manage to juggle all that writing!!!! Do others in the genre really generate that much work per year?! I already thought you were incredibly quick and prolific. I really hope Popular Football Captain Amazon notices you, and that you don’t discover that the one for you is actually your nerdy and quirky bestie who was there by your side all along…..

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    1. Hell, I’ll be in awe myself if I manage to pull this feat of magic off. Sleep! Who needs sleep? There’s a production schedule to conquer! As for the rapid released in my genre, it’s insane!!! Some writers are doing at least a book a month. I have to remind myself that some of these people can afford editors and have honed their skills to only need one or two drafts, but still it’s hard not to compare.

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      1. I mean… that IS insane! And makes me think their books must not be very good after only one or two drafts??? But I guess that’s a good point about possibly having separate editors who would speed up the process. Yeeeesh! I think you’re amazing!

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    2. Ha! And I was thinking of that she-realizes-her-best-friend-is-really-the- one-for-her story line but never worked the rest of the story back into my post. I guess it’s To Be Continued….

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  4. Holy moly! I think someone has got hold of your schedule and added a whole heap of extra book releases into it! 😵 But seriously, I admire your work ethic, and you deserve to show up at Prom or Homecoming with Mr Captain Amazon on your arm! Now, where do I sign up for cheerleader tryouts? 😀


    1. I’m going to blame Finn for all those extra book releases…he’s itching for a new standard of living and gobs of book sales from gobs of MY books is his way of trying to to achieve that (notice he has no plans to get himself a job)! No! No cheerleading tryouts because the moment I get Captain Amazon, some cheerleader is going to turn his head and I’ll be back slumming it with the nerd squad. :))


      1. Oooh, bad Finn! I’d tell him to write his own books, but I suspect he’d steal your plot notes and substitute himself in as the main character… 😆 And it’s fine about the cheerleader tryouts – with my elephant-like grace and poor timing, they wouldn’t have let me on the squad anyway!

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      2. Elephant cheerleading? I could go for that! And I was wondering why all my character descriptions had suddenly changed from things like “black hair and narrow eyes” to “pointy purple ears and big round eyes.” Gonna have to remember to hide my computer password from him!


      3. It begins! 😂 Better hide that password quickly, or you’ll have to add “unwriting Finn’s edits” to your to do list! Also, I’m glad you’re down with elephant cheerleading… It suits my athletic capabilities perfectly, and you should get a good chuckle out of it! 😀


      4. Oh man, it’s hard enough correcting all the weird things the Dragon Dictation app comes up with, I can’t imagine how long it would take to fix what a monster at the keyboard my inflict on my manuscripts!


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