With a busy writing schedule lately, I haven’t had time to take Finn McSpool on any local or far away adventures, but he said, “That’s no excuse not to do a blog post about me!” (because you know how he is) and insisted we do a little spring-/Easter-themed photo shoot (again, because you know how he is).

As I was mentally preparing for this ordeal, I had to step outside for a few moments and enjoy the peace of my garden where my first tulip had just bloomed.

Full that bit of zen, I was ready for my monster modeling session. In a rare moment of sharing the limelight, Finn had called up a couple friends to start things off.

Then Finn started to worry his bunny buddies might be cuter (and better dressed) than him, so he snapped at them to “just go hop off” while he finished his work. After starting out on such a good paw, this Beastie was getting diva-level cranky and repeatedly said, “Modeling is harder than it looks” and “these amateurs simply don’t understand.”

Still, I managed to get him into an Easter “basket” complete with speckled brown eggs straight from the chicken’s cloaca. As he was standing there, I could hear rumbling even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to indicate an approaching thunderstorm.

While I was setting up the next shot, all the strange props prompted a question from Finn, “What in the world is Easter? National Rabbit and Egg Day?”

“No, it’s when the Christians say Jesus came back from the dead—”

“Oh I don’t like zombie stories.”

“Don’t worry because really it’s just the early church’s usurpation of pagan rituals and symbols of rebirth and— Oh no!!”

“Jelly beans!!!!!”

“No, Finn, get away, you’re about to—”

Ugh, too late.

Apparently all that crankiness and rumbling was due to my forgetting to feed Finn before his “work” day. Lesson learned: Keep your monsters fed…and keep them away from the jelly beans.

With Finn fed and the photo shoot complete, I needed to get back outside before facing the rest of my day. And wouldn’t you know it, there was another sure sign of spring just waiting to have its photo snapped and looking lovely without requiring any jelly beans.

Whether you’re celebrating zombies or the springtime ritual of rebirth, have a great Easter and be sure to have enough jelly beans to keep your monsters happy!! See you next Wednesday!!!


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12 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Springs Into Easter

  1. Your flowering tree is beautiful. Would love to see signs of spring around my neck of the woods soon. At least it was warmer today. That’s a start. Happy Easter to you!


    1. Ah, if only it was my tree. Caught that at the school across from Mr Husband’s work. I would just like it if spring would arrive and stay put for a few months. Instead, she keeps appearing for a few days, then hides behind Old Man Winter. She really needs some self-confidence, I think.


  2. Glad to see that Finn managed to find his true meaning of Easter and that it did not involve zombies. I consider it the festival of buns, so in the oven right now (before I go to bed) are chocolate orange buns. I’ll put orange icing on them in the morning and we’ll have them with our coffee. I don’t like dried fruit, so this seems like the way to go!


    1. Be sure to send me one (or all) of those buns so I can be sure to celebrate Bun Day in proper style!! They sound delicious. I was going to go a bit traditional and make some hot cross buns, but only got so far as looking at a few recipes…it’s the thought that counts, right? Still, I’m feeling the urge to try out some petit pains, so all is not lost for my Bun Day festivities.


  3. Hahaha! Happy Beaster, everyone! I’m surprised Finn managed to get this far into the photoshoot on an empty stomach… I hope he hasn’t tumbled into the old model pitfall of skipping meals to make himself “beautiful” 😱 Still, a bowl of jellybeans almost as big as himself should help keep him going. And your garden looks like it’s finally getting a chance to exit hibernation mode – look at all those lovely blooms!


    1. No, there’s no anorexia for Finn. I just forgot to feed him before “forcing” him to “work.” Probably a habit I picked up from my dad who would apparently forget to feed me when my mom was at work and he was meant to be taking care of me. The garden keeps getting teased with Spring, then that saucy little tart runs off and lets that jerk Winter back in through the gate. One day she’ll stay. MAYBE.


      1. Ha! Spring, you tease… I’m actually starting to have serious doubts about her ever settling down! It looks like November outside my window today. As for Finn, sounds like maybe he needs to learn how to cook for himself! I can see how you’d forget about monster mealtimes though… When I’m busy, I forget to feed MYSELF! 😂


      2. Oh yeah, like I want to let Finn loose in the kitchen! It’s bad enough when I’m monitoring him. As for spring, you’ve only got a few weeks to lure her to stay, or perhaps she’ll just skip Ireland altogether and let Summer in early for my trip!


  4. Hahaha love it! Happy Belated Easter to you and Finn! What a diva…. I hope he’s managed to come down from his modelling and sugar high. Beautiful flowers–I’m desperate for some spring over here! Thank you for sharing yours!


    1. Oh yeah, there was a crash and burn from all the sugar, but at least that meant he was too worn out to get into any trouble! Yes, I am more than ready for some sunny. warm weather to go along with these spring blooms. Move along, Winter. Move along.

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