Sorry, this post has nothing to do with my daydreaming (or night dreaming) about the devilishly handsome Tom Ellis, aka “Lucifer.” In case you don’t know who I’m typing about, here’s what I mean….

Yeah, I know. And while I’d love to go on about that, this post is actually about my finally making a decision about going exclusive with Amazon. If you missed it, you can read about my vacillating frustration in this recent post, but let’s just sum it up by saying I was tempted, but still had qualms.

Well, those qualms were settled when I came across a couple podcasts on the very topic of going exclusive with Amazon, who should do so, and why. The first podcast was Episode #66 from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and the other was from one of my favorite podcasts the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast Episode #92.

That’s a couple hours’ worth of listening, but I’ll just boil it down by saying I was the EXACT type of writer who should be in Amazon’s KDP Select because….

  1. I have a small platform (and they say size doesn’t matter!)
  2. I make less than (SO much less than) $100 from book sales each month
  3. Being exclusive to Amazon makes it much easier to get noticed than being spread across all retailers (and as I’m finding out, simplifies book file management)
  4. Amazon exclusivity is the best place for new authors to gain traction with building an audience. Since I feel like I’m starting over with my writing career this year, I feel I’m essentially a “new” author.

In the ALLi episode, the funny thing was, the person who was supposed to be arguing the case for not being exclusive had numerous books exclusive to Amazon because of all the benefits of exclusivity…not exactly pleading your case, lady (good thing she’s not a lawyer, right?). Another of my favorite podcasts, The Creative Penn (by Joanna Penn), has also said numerous times  – even though she is a staunch supporter of being wide – that authors should start out in KDP Select before expanding onto other retailers.

With all this in mind, in early March I made the scary choice to remove the Osteria Chronicles books from all the other retailers (and let me tell you, my hand was twitching when I was hitting that “Delist” button). Yesterday, those three books officially became part of the KDP Select monopoly adventure. Wait, do we need another Lucifer picture? Yes, I think we do.

Yes, cheers to you too, Tom. Anyway, so what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited program, you can now read ALL three books in the Osteria Chronicles for free (and I still get paid as long as you do read them).

This ability for readers to take a chance on my books without having to (directly) pay for them is one of the key benefits of being exclusive, so I REALLY hope you KUers out there take advantage of it (not that I’m begging or anything. Okay, yes, I’m totally begging. Go borrow my books!! I’ve even given you direct links below to show you how sincere I am in this plea).

For those of you not in Kindle Unlimited, this exclusivity can also benefit you because I spent the past week and weekend poring over calendars and my budget and many many MANY pieces of advice to create some really great promos around the launch of The Bonds of Osteria in late May.

As it stands, I feel a little dirty getting in bed with the Amazon devil, but I also feel a lot more focused on how to go about my marketing strategy and even a tad bit hopeful that I might actually get this series (that most readers seem to love) off the ground. Speaking of feeling dirty, time for one more Lucifer.

I still have no idea what I’m doing and the Bonds launch is going to be a huge experiment, but as they say, you can’t win if you don’t play the game — wait, no, that’s what Mr. Husband says about buying lottery tickets.

How has your week been? Any scary decisions or big leaps into the unknown? Writers, have you come across a podcast (or episode of a podcast) that’s provided you just the advice you were seeking?

I’ll be back next Wednesday with more writing news. In the meantime, here’s those direct links to the Osteria Chronicles books on Amazon.

The Trials of Hercules
The Voyage of Heroes
The Maze of Minos: Book Three of the Osteria Chronicles

Curious about Kindle Unlimited? Find out more by clicking the image below….

16 thoughts on “Getting in Bed with the Devil

  1. Hi Tammie – sounds like going exclusive with Amazon is the right thing for you. Thanks for explaining it all too. I had heard about all this, but didn’t really understand. Best wishes to you!

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    1. Thanks. It is a little scary, but has also given me a starting-from-fresh-slate feel…although I also have the oh-no-I-did-this-all-too-late feeling. Glad the post was a little helpful. 😉


  2. Glad to hear you have made this decision–for getting your books out there to a large audience I think this is the right choice. The sounds of it you definitely should be going this route–oh, and thanks for the pictures of Lucifier—

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    1. I knew someone out there would appreciate all the hard work I put into finding those pictures! Well, I hope this is the right call because now there’s no going back for at least 90 days.


  3. Well, when you put it like THAT… It does sound like going exclusive could be a great thing for you! Go get ’em, Tammie! The rewards will more than make up for the painful hours you surely spent trawling through pictures of Lucifer in search of the perfect ones for this post… 😉

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    1. It was hard work getting through those pics, but someone had to do it. Even though the risk-taking side of me is freaking out about this choice, the science nerd in me is actually looking forward to trying some experiments with what the exclusivity has to offer. If only I had some red sparkly shoes to go with my lab coat 😂😉😂


      1. Aaah, there’s that good ol’ mix of arts and science again! But you’re not locked into anything long-term here, right? So you can afford to monkey around with it a bit and see how you can make it work best for you… And then leave if it’s not a good fit (preferably by clicking your heels together 3 times)!

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      2. Yes, you’re only locked in for 90 days, which I’ll have to extend to 180 with the box set release I have planned, but I should think six months would be a good length of time to see how this plays out. And I’ll check the Amazon policies, but I can’t recall any Oz-type escape clauses.


      3. Funny, you’d think they’d be aware of any get-out clauses with literary origins and specifically forbid them. 🤔 Nice to know it’s there… But hopefully you won’t need it! Good luck with this exciting new venture! 😀

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    1. Yes, it was a reallllly tough morning sifting through Lucifer pics to find just the right one. Suffering for my art, I’ll tell you. It is scary making the switch, but I think it’s worth a shot and it will be fun experimenting with a new tactic. Thanks for popping by and commenting!!


  4. Well hellllllllllllo there, Lucifer! Congrats and well done on taking the plunge! I realllllllly hope you see positive results from this move. You certainly did your research, so I have faith this will make a difference. Whoop!

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    1. Well, I figure my sales numbers can’t be any worse, so why not make that deal with the devil. Now, when is Tom Ellis coming over so I can sign my soul away?

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      1. So, you’re saying I might want to brush my hair and change out of my ratty, bargain bin sweater? Ooh, maybe we could all hang out with a box o’wine and listen to your television tales!

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