What happens when you try to take a monster on a nice outing to shop for some new reading material at Portland’s Powells Books? It turns into him being declared leader of a very, VERY strange mob.

It all started out innocently enough. Through my library’s summer reading program I’d won a gift card for Powells, which is basically Portland’s book mecca and a book addict’s dream. Since Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I never made our usual excursion downtown before Christmas, we decided to make a day of it on New Year’s Eve.

Once downtown we realized you simply can’t shop for books on an empty stomach so we hiked a couple miles over to Northwest for a treat. The bakery we intended to go to was wall-to-wall people – I think a few guests were having to sit in the ovens and display cases – so we squeezed our way back out to resume our quest for nibbles. Finn, being a proud IrishBeast was soon tugging at my coat sleeve gleefully shouting, “Here! Here! Let’s go here!”

–Finn, it’s not even noon.

–But that means it’s 8pm in Ireland! It’s well beyond drinking time.

Luckily, this fine establishment was closed and no one had to endure a Guinness-fueled Beastie. With a disappointed Finn in tow, we trudged a few more blocks to get a slice of pizza from Escape From New York (possibly the BEST pizza –and funniest website– in Portland).

All that questing for food meant a long walk back to Powells, but on the way we discovered some intriguing art created by the natives of the land (“natives” being kiddies, and “land” being a grade school). Finn wanted to try on one of these indigenous masks, but (luckily) they were firmly attached to the fencing.

And this little turtle had Finn reminiscing on his brief career as an underwater explorer in Maui.

Finally we were back downtown and had reached our destination.

Mr Husband and I went our separate ways to peruse the room after room of books. Because I wouldn’t dare unleash Finn in a bookstore, he joined me to look at some writing books. He soon found one in particular he thought would be the best use of my gift card…

After quietly ignoring Finn’s suggestion, I grabbed several books that interested me and ended up carrying around a stack of tomes that would have put me about four gift cards over budget. I eventually honed my choices down to two: Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl and Writing 21st Century Fiction by Donald Maass.

With the gift card drained, it was time to roam around a bit. We decided to head to Pioneer Square to check out the Christmas Tree, but just as we reached the corner of the square something very strange caught my attention. I gripped Mr Husband’s arm. We stopped in our tracks and were in such shock we could do nothing but stare.

Since a certain anger-inducing election, downtown Portland has been the home of many marches and riots, and it looked like we were about to be caught in the middle of one. Knowing the transportation mayhem that can ensue during one of these things, it was time to get going.

But wait. Where’s Finn? Had he dashed back to Powells for safety amongst the shelves? Was he gallivanting back to Northwest for that Guinness? Frantically, I checked my purse for him one more time. When I looked up–


But there was worse to come.

Finn had not only joined the mob; he had been declared their leader!!

I’m not sure how I’m going to explain this one to the police.

I hope everyone had a less adventurous but still entertaining New Year’s Eve (I know, I’m a bit late on my well-wishing) and I’d love to hear what you got up to.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with my goals for 2018 and Finn will be back in a couple weeks with another one of his at-home  projects…I just hope he doesn’t invite those weird friends of his.


19 thoughts on “Finn McSpool’s Book-Shopping-Rabble-Rousing Outing

  1. Reblogged this on 2lavelle and commented:
    I tell you, Mr Finn sure is full of himself–leader of the red suit gang now?? He is always having quite the adventures when he is out and about..Cute story


  2. Powell’s is great to get lost in and Escape From New York IS THE BEST pizza in Portland! They have the funniest cartoon on their cash register, you just have to go and see it for yourself.

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  3. Oh, Finn… You really were doing so well until you decided to declare yourself leader of a mob of rioting Santas. 😂 Still, it should have been a lot worse – think what might have happened if you’d agreed to that lunchtime pint of Guinness!


    1. Yeahhhh, Finn’s a little too ready to volunteer for any opportunity that might lead to world domination. Maybe if I keep him full of Guinness, he’ll end up too drowsy to go forth with his hopes and dreams. Although, I dunno, he and those Santas might be able to sort out the whole Brexit fiasco if we gave them half a chance.


      1. Ha! I’m not sure even Finn could sort that one out… Although with his natural charm, maybe he could negotiate a nice soft border so I don’t have to apply for a visa every time I want to go home? 😆 I still think he and his merry band of Santas should march on Washington first – I can just see them all milling around the Washington monument!


      2. Well, you know Beasties and their love of climbing things…Finn might end up at the top of the monument with no way down. Wait, that’s when the flying reindeer come in handy! Hopefully the Brexit visa idea and the Mexican border wall idea both vanish in 2018.


      3. I don’t know, the lack of thumbs might make him a bit clumsy holding my camera…ooh, but maybe it’ll fall on the orange one’s head and knock some sense into him.


  4. Oh my heavens! Bookshop? Pizza? (almost) Guinness? Beastie World Takeover?! So many of my favourite things! This sounds like an epic day out. I’m all for Finn and his army of gift-giving Santas storming Washington (assuming they are left leaning non-Orange supporters).


    1. I think it’s a guarantee that any creature that lugs around a book 24 hours a day is NOT a supporter of the Orange One. And yes, it was a fabulous day out and a great way to say “Laters” to 2017!

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      1. Good point… plus, I’m sure the Orange One would be thrilled to learn about a new marginalized group he could persecute and deport Finn in a heartbeat!

        Later 2017…. 2018, here you come!

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