Finn McSpool gathered some friends together to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, or maybe it’s more appropriate to offer up a Nutty Christmas given his friends’ primary occupations….

But wait, what’s that lurking just out of shot to the right? Another nutcrackery buddy?

Finn! That was supposed to be for Christmas Day!!! I should have known to hide that better.

Yep, looks like Finn’s gotten into the wine stash and I don’t think these stiff-backed friends of his are going to want to or be able to share his tipple with him (not being able to bend your arms tends to hinder any glass raising)…

…and since I’m too busy today to join in any early celebrations with my Beastie friend we all know how this is going to play out.

Even if Finn is too far gone in his own booze-y cheer to continue contributing to this post, I’m still sober enough (for now) to say have a great holiday and here’s hoping the best for you and any monsters in your life! 

Merry Christmas!!

13 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Wishes You a Nutty Christmas

  1. Ohhhhhh Finn! Even though he doesn’t have a visible nose, I’m pretty sure he can just sniff booze out… No mean feat, when it’s sealed in a glass bottle. I hope he’s at least left you and Mr Husband a drop to have with your Christmas dinner! Happy holidays to you all! 😀

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    1. I think he has hidden wine-sensing antennae. Luckily Mr Husband doesn’t like wine so at least I don’t have to worry about sharing any of the few drops I have left. 😋😋


  2. Mr Finn certainly has a lot of friends there to celebrate with, although it looks like Mr Finn may be down for the count and one heck of a headache. Love Mr Finns adventures, wishing all a very Merry Christmas..


  3. I’m late!!! But I’m here!!! To wish you a Merry Christmas (shit, it’s over) and a Happy New Year!!!! This is the year we won’t have to whore out our (amazing) products … people will just want them without knowing! xxxx

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