Finn McSpool and his poultry pal want to Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And to those of you not in the U.S….Happy Fourth Thursday in November! Nothing more exciting than that fourth Thursday, let me tell you.

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Finn & Co.

    1. Weekend? Ha! I took a few hours off yesterday to eat and watch a Poirot. Other than that the “holiday” has been divided between time at the computer and time plotting my next attack on the book world.


  1. I hope you had a nice holiday! Boy is Thanksgiving depressing as an ex-pat. I went to work where people asked me all about turkey and made Trump jokes…. then I went home and ate a pizza. AMERICA!

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      1. True… I really can’t complain with my ocean buffer!!! And yes, pizza is certainly better than the Thanksgiving where I had saltines and Kraft singles because my mother refused to cook any vegetable without using chicken stock and ham and I wasn’t allowed to participate and add any dishes to the menu… ahhhhh the good ol’ days! 😉


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