Well, it’s finally (FINALLLLY) here. After many battles with plots, story lines, and self-doubt, The Maze: Book Three of the Osteria Chronicles is now officially scattered across the online shelves of various book retailers. Yay!!!

And better yet, Book Four is already chugging along nicely. Although still in the revising stage and not scheduled for release until next May, I’m taking a cue from some book marketing gurus and putting it up for pre-order within the next few weeks…once I figure out how exactly you put a non-existent book up for pre-order (more on that later).


Thank you!!!

Speaking of pre-orders, I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who pre-ordered your copies of The Maze. Your interest in the series and willingness to order before Release Day served as a big morale boost and I really appreciate your support. So, let me raise a virtual toast to you with my imaginary glass of champagne. Cheers!!!

Finn started celebrating early…


Haven’t Stepped Into the World of Osteria Yet?

For those of you who have been biding your time to jump on the Osteria bandwagon, I’m offering a number of specials to encourage (“bribe”) you to dip a toe into this epic fantasy series in which ancient myths come to life….


For e-book fans and bargain hunters….

From now through the end of the month you can get The Trials of Hercules (Book One) and The Maze (Book Three) for only 99 cents each. Clicking on the books’ titles above will take you to a handy dandy site with direct links to all your favorite ebook retailers. 


For those of you who love the feel of a real book, or who are perhaps looking for a great gift for a fan of epic fantasy or historical fantasy fiction….

From now through the end of the year you can get all three books in the series for only $30 (plus shipping*). That’s over $13 off the retail price!! To get this deal, just email me, let me know you’re interested, and we can proceed from there (I promise, it’s very easy and relatively painless).

As far as what the future holds, I’m feeling very edge-of-my-seat excited to move forward with my writing, not only with my projects and efforts to keep in touch, but also with changes to my motivation, my mindset, and my goals. And I’m honored that you’ve chosen to join me on this journey. Thank you so much!!!!
Happy Release Day and Happy Reading!

*shipping is based on your location. Approximate shipping to the continental US is about $5, to Europe $9.50, to Canada $11, and to Australia $14. 

If you are planning to order the bundle for holiday giving, please keep in mind shipping to addresses within the US and Canada takes about 10-14 days, while shipping to addresses beyond North America takes up to 30 days.

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  1. *Puff* *Wheeze* I’m here! I made it! Did I miss the launch party? I just finished The Voyage last night, so I am SO freakin’ excited to get my sticky paws on The Maze! I hope week 1 has been a roaring sales success and you’re now sleeping on a bed of money! 😀

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