Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I have returned from Maui, Hawaii! Of course, with a monster tucked into your luggage (or finding his way out, as is often the case), there’s plenty of fun to share. So let’s get underway with Finn’s adventures from 30,000 fest in the air to a few feet under the sea.

Finn’s been on quite a few flights already, but this was the first time he got his own seat since the flight to Maui from Portland was barely three-quarters full. He first tried out one spot that seemed like it would be a good vantage point….

…but the first bit of turbulence had him buckling up like a proper passenger.

After what seemed like about five years or so of nothing but blue ocean, Finn shouted, “Land ho!!!”

I have to agree with his enthusiasm because this was one of the longest (mentally, not time-wise) flights I’ve endured, what with no free food, no free movies, no free wine (oh the horror!!). But the misery of the flight soon faded when Maui greeted us right off the bat with a giant and very brilliant rainbow on our drive to our rental house.

maui, rainbow, hawaii

After a little snag checking in and suffering the absolute shock of the prices of food in Hawaiian grocery stores (it hits me every time!), we had a good night’s sleep so we could be ready for some beach time the next day.

Although he’s had plenty of adventures, this was Finn’s first time snorkeling. While he did look quite fetching in his swimming gear and thought saying, “Finn in a fin” was beyond hilarious….

maui, finn mcspool, hawaii

…he’s a bit like Jacques Cousteau and has his own waterproof vessel in which to explore the briny deep. Finn thinks it’s the latest in oceanographic technology…don’t tell him it’s just a Ziploc baggie. Once safely in his watertight craft, he dove right into the waters of Kapalua Bay like he’d been snorkeling his whole life!

maui, kapalua bay, finn mcspool, hawaii, snorkel

How about an underwater shot, Finn?

maui, kapalua bay, finn mcspool, hawaii, snorkel

All kidding aside, of all the places I’ve dared to throw myself into the sea, Maui is a very close second for snorkeling (Belize narrowly makes the top due to warmer water and the coral being in slightly better health).


Maui has gobs of different fish species including tangs (not the astronaut drink), butterfly fish, moorish idols, moray eels, snowflake eels, coronet fish, trumpet fish, surgeon fish, parrot fish, unicorn fish (unicorns DO exist), and once you get away from shore, the coral shapes, colors, and sizes aren’t too shabby. Here’s a little sample (by the way, all these photos are courtesy of Mr. Husband’s underwater photo shooting skills)…

maui, kapalua bay, hawaii, snorkel

maui, kapalua bay, honu, convict tang, butterfly fish, moorish idol, hawaii, snorkel

maui, kapalua bay, wrasse, tang, butterfly fish, hawaii, snorkel

maui, kapalua bay, tropical fish, moorish idol, surgeon fish, hawaii, snorkel

And of course everyone practically wets themselves over all the sea turtles. Seriously, if you love sea turtles and want to bob along watching them nibble on sea salad, you’ll love Maui. Just don’t be like one batch of morons we saw who were touching the turtles and kept crowding the poor things. Keep your distance and they’ll probably end up swimming right under your toes.

sea turtle, maui, kapalua bay, green sea turtle

But did we lose someone? Where’s Finn? Oh man, I hope he’s not trying to ride one of the turtles.

Ah, there he is…living the life of an underwater adventurer…and what do you want to bet that lunch sack is empty now!

maui, finn mcspool, hawaii

Any watery adventures for you this week? Finn will be back next week with the trouble he got up to on the shelves of a Hawaiian store and I’ll be back Wednesday with a little look behind the scenes of my latest book. Thanks for swimming by everyone!!


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13 thoughts on “Finn “Cousteau” McSpool: Underwater Explorer

  1. D-oh! Half way through our second trip to Maui I figured out the setting for underwater photos. The colors are more vivid on the correct setting, not so green washed like some are. Aloha!

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  2. OH WOW! UNDERWATER BEASTIES! This truly represents a great leap forward in Beastie exploration… Explorer Beastie is going to be so jealous! I am a little relieved that Finn didn’t hitch a lift out into the great briny beyond on the back of a sea turtle though. Mr Husband’s underwater shots are great, too… So much interesting wildlife! 😀

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    1. I get credit for the pictures of Finn! And let me tell you, trying to get a picture through a plastic Baggie underwater was not easy…I have several of this weird silvery blob with a mysterious purple object inside. Hmmmm…abstract underwater Beastie art?


      1. I think you’ve just found the theme for your next art show! It’s true that Beastie photography isn’t always plain sailing… I’m sure I’ve taken several posts worth of pictures of Explorer Beastie falling over at this point! 😆

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      2. I know! When you’re that size, you’re so much more subject to the whims of the forces of nature. Poor Explorer Beastie is still reeling from the shock of nearly losing his entire backpack (plus contents) to a sudden gust last week!

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  3. Baaahahaha Finn had me realllllllllllly nervous in that ziplock–I’m so glad he survived! Looks like an amazing trip (if not an amazing flight–why are planes so rubbish and devoid and food and drink these days???). Well done Mr Husband on those gorgeous photos! I hope being back to reality isn’t too rough; at least you have the big launch to look forward to 🙂

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    1. I was nervous too…you never know when one of those sea turtles is going to develop a taste for Irish wool! Domestic airlines have a lot to learn from intercontinental ones…food is vastly entertaining, even crappy airplane food, and can really make a flight go by faster (the wine also helps😂). As for being back, I feel like I’m running in place trying to get back in the swing of things! Although, I suppose that’s good exercise, right?

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      1. Wine is essential, essential!!!! Silly me, I asked for some life-giving water on our flight back from Lisbon and was saddled with an enormous fee.

        Keep running and you’ll get there… eventually!

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