Hawaii Finn-0

Mr.Husband, Finn McSpool, and I are still hanging out on Maui, but the little monster just wanted to check in with the Blogosphere to share a few pictures (since as we know he can be quite the diva when a photo op comes his way).

He wanted to get into the island spirit with a new Hawaiian shirt, but they didn’t have his size.

However, this plumeria blossom looked rather fetching and was a much less tacky dose of aloha fashion…

Amongst other things, he’s gone a bit bananas for the local flora!

We’ve got a “bunch” more (see what I did there?) misadventures to share but the WordPress app is a nightmare to work with, so for now Finn and I will bid you aloha until next week when there will be a very exciting announcement (well, I’m excited about it) and some more Hawaiian fun! 

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11 thoughts on “Hawaii Finn-0

    • painterwrite says:

      Let’s just hope he leaves the island fashion on the island. I have my doubts as to how well the floral pattern and his stripes go together 😂! Thanks for the well wishes. The swimming and snorkeling is fun, but I’ll be glad to escape the blaring sun.


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