Finn McSpool Is Giving Away My Books!

Although it normally throws him into a pit of despair when I try to get rid of some of his books, Finn McSpool apparently has no problem when it comes to giving away my books….and hacking into my Goodreads account to do so.

Still, the little monster is right. I have far too many copies of The Trials of Hercules: Book One of the Osteria Chronicles lurking in a cabinet in the garage and really should part with some of them.

Luckily, Finn and I have recently been listening to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast and learning how to wisely market an existing  series when you have a new book in that series coming out. One of those wise tips is to lure readers into the series by promoting the first book as much as possible. Since The Maze (aka “book three”) is coming out in November, Finn thought I should start baiting my fishing pole by giving away a couple copies of my overstock of The Trials of Hercules.

Long story short…via a Goodreads Giveaway, I’m giving away two print copies of The Trials of Hercules.

Finn, that’s not what I meant by, “Let’s take a couple books into the garden.”

Unfortunately, there is a caveat. Since these are books I already have on hand, and since it costs a ridiculous amount of money for me to personally ship my books from my home to anywhere outside of the U.S., this giveaway is only available to Goodreads members in the U.S.


  1. A post is coming up very soon (the 27th of September to be exact) with some special offers on e-book versions of The Trials of Hercules, as well as pre-order bargains on The Maze), and
  2. A Goodreads Giveaway of The Maze begins on the 23rd that will be open to readers in the U.S., E.U., and U.K. (these books will ship directly from my publisher, which – due to their postal magic – saves me oodles on shipping).

So be sure to follow this blog to keep up with all the book launch bargains, and (if you’re in the U.S.) head over to Goodreads for a chance to dip into the series for free. Finn will be back next week to show off some of the hula-dancing skills he’s picking up during his time in Maui! 





10 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Is Giving Away My Books!

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    That sneaky little Beastie! At least he’s only got his paws on a couple of copies though… And it’s nice that he’s volunteering to head up your marketing department! Conveniently enough, I’m reading this right now and I’m finding it hard to put down! My Sunday morning reading time might have gone on a little longer than I intended yesterday… “Just one more chapter – oh, go on, one more – and another!” 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • painterwrite says:

      Oh, you just made me super happy…unless by “can’t put it down” you mean it’s so bad you just want to get it over with 🙄. As for Finn heading my marketing department, that might not be such a bad plan since he’d probably be better at it than me (wait, a corpse might be a better marketer than me).


      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Hahaha! I think it’s going to be a close-run race between us to see who is bottom of the marketing class! 😆 But I’m starting to learn that if you don’t ask, you don’t get… And it seems like people actually don’t mind you asking, as long as you’re not doing it ALL the time! I’d say putting Finn in charge is a good move – I will buy pretty much anything if a monster asks me to. And don’t do yourself down, I AM enjoying your book! My heart was in my mouth during the second trial…

        Liked by 1 person

      • painterwrite says:

        Oh no! Don’t choke to death before you finish the book! Yes, Finn’s head may be full of stuffing but he is useful as a marketing gimmick/manager…perhaps the stuffing helps since it means he can’t overthink things and get filled with self doubts. Hmmm, maybe should replace some of my own brain matter with stuffing…🤔🤔🤔


      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Ha! You could be on to something there… It would explain the mind-numbing inanity of 95% of TV advertising! But please do consult a medical professional before attempting to replace usable brain matter with stuffing… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • painterwrite says:

        Well I do have brain surgery experience (granted, they were mouse brains, but I think I could scale up to human brains no problem). That combined with your knowledge of all things stuffing…I think we’ve got a business enterprise in the making! 😋


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