As I mentioned in last week’s post, last Saturday was all about kilts, cabers, and clans as Finn McSpool took a day off (not that he ever works very hard) to tap into his Celtic heritage at the 2017 Portland Highland Games.

Although Finn usually runs around naked, he thought he should dress up in case he met any relatives at the games. Luckily, I had some plaid material hanging around that would make the perfect Beastie kilt. But first, time for the worst part of any fashion sewing: taking your measurements.

With measurements in hand, I set about to cutting and stitching. I had to shoo Finn away from a homemade chocolate cake (although not quickly enough, it seems) since I’d be quite angry with the little monster if I went through all this only to find out he had gotten too fat for the kilt.

Because the kilt was too tiny for the sewing machine, everything was hand-stitched. Also, the material doesn’t take ironing, so I had to make “faux” pleats with little panels of fabric. The whole process gave me a HUGE (even huger than normal) appreciation for all the detail work that Finn’s creator at Crawcrafts Beasties puts into her monsters.

With Finn’s kilt narrowly finished in time, it was game day! This was the 65th year of the Highland Games and the second time Mr. Husband and I had gone. The day is full of bagpipes, men in kilts, dancing, more men in kilts, clan heritage info, and men in kilts tossing heavy things.



The first stop of the day was to watch the sheepdogs show off their stuff. The sheep, perhaps sensing a certain wooly audience member, were trying to act tough and weren’t very cooperative. Still, the dogs didn’t give up and eventually got the sheep corralled.

Finn got super excited when the final sheepdog came out…a blonde border collie who also happened to be named Finn!

Of course no event would be complete without places to do some shopping. However it’s important to keep in mind that you absolutely must distract Beasties when they pass certain booths….

Once I had hurried him past that bit of potential danger, we stopped into a booth full of Celtic-related treasures. Finn got a thrill when he found some items celebrating his homeland.

After dragging him away from the tea set, we all had a moment of confusion. I’ve heard of haggis, I’ve even eaten haggis, but what in the world is vegetarian haggis?!! Haggis is a dense mash up of animal parts. How can it be made vegetarian? It was time to leave the shop after that.

Despite the haggis conundrum, hunger was settling in, but Finn wanted to look at one more rack. Yes, Finn, it’s a good color on you…

….but I don’t think it will fit.

Unfortunately, the food choices were a bit limited (not even any haggis, vegetarian or otherwise), but this is Portland and there’s always going to be good beer at an event. Finn seemed very eager to share my lunch selection.

It wouldn’t be a Scottish celebration without folks in kilts playing bagpipes, so we settled in to watch a few bands in the Pipe Band Competition. Trouble was, they compete by having each band playing the same song. After hearing “Scotland the Brave” four times, we were ready to move on. (And ready for another beer.)

Wait, who’s that? It’s okay Finn, she looks like she’s in a good mood. Go get your picture with her.Β Yes, Finn, I’m sure she wore that purple dress specifically to match you.

Finn’s brush with fame over, it was time to make our way up to the Heavy Athletics field. In that section of the event you can also find the clan booths and learn all about your Scottish roots. With second beer in hand paw, Finn (literally) stumbled upon his true clan.

One of the first heavy events we watched was the Portland Stone Toss. Although Highland Games normally involve throwing big, heavy things, the Portland Stone Toss is unique to Portland’s games (as you might have guessed). This thing weighs 96 pounds! It was found at the Sandy River 30 years ago and has a natural dip in its side. The tossers (haha) hoist the stone up, nestle their head in the dip to get balanced, take a few steps, and then chuck the stone as far as they can. The record throw from last year’s competition was a little over 19 feet! I bet hernia doctors just LOVE the Highland Games.

The granddaddy of all events is the caber toss. After someone goes and steals a telephone pole, the competitors have to pick the thing straight up, jog a bit, then toss the caber. The caber then needs to turn end over end and land in as close to a twelve o’clock position as possible. About half the caberers (that’s word, right?) don’t even get the pole to turn over.

Finn, having had three beers now, was feeling he could conquer the caber. His isn’t regulation, but since he was the only one competing in the Monster Division, it was okay. His first toss didn’t go so well. In fact, the caber upended him instead of the other way around. Finn, are you okay?

But Finn wasn’t about to let a little cranial bruising get in his way. He grabbed his caber, and gave it all he could.

Look how proud he is!!

Of course, after all that excitement (and all that beer), Finn was tuckered out. Once he got home, he flopped into bed and showed that he is a true Celt who wears nothing under his kilt.

Thanks for joining us on this day out, everyone! I’ll be back next Wednesday with the results of the Book Cover Showdown!

And just in case anyone wants to hear some Pipe Band tunes, here’s a clip from last year’s games…


19 thoughts on “Finn Conquers the Caber at the Portland Highland Games

  1. I can’t believe there wasn’t any shortbread to consume… or whiskey.
    I want to congratulate Finn on managing to keep hold of his book whilst successfully tossing his caber. Did he win a prize? A vegetarian haggis perhaps?

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    1. They ran out of shortbread!! Can you believe it?! And the only whisky was at the whisky tastings that cost $50. So, dollar for dollar, beer was the best option. Well, since Finn stowed away in my backpack and didn’t have an official entry ticket, I couldn’t register him for the competitions to get the prizes. But he knows who the true winner of the day is πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


  2. I love Finn’s kilt and I’m happy to see he got into the spirit of the games! Thank you for making me smile along with Finn’s adventures.

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  3. HAHAHA! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh, this is Finn’s best adventure to date! My heart was in my mouth as he attempted his first caber toss… Although I can’t help but feel that he’d maybe have done better if he put his favourite book down for five minutes! I’m also impressed that he met the (perfectly colour-coordinated) Queen, and is it a coincidence that the colour of Clan Inebriated is McSpool purple? πŸ€” All in all, it looks like a super day out… Apart from one thing. Vegetarian haggis?! What is that? A can of just barley? Or maybe it’s a practical joke? It had be a joke… Right?

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    1. I do hope it was a joke…perhaps the Scottish practical joker’s equivalent of the old snakes popping out of a can routine? You know, I didn’t even make the connection about Finn wearing his clan colors. But that means just one thing….Queen Elizabeth must also be part of Clan Inebriated! By the way, Finn got extra points for never dropping the book.

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      1. Ha! Funnily enough, I was actually imagining someone opening the can and a joke snake popping out. Then again, the joke is probably on the would-be prankster in this case… Because who would ever buy a can of vegetarian haggis? πŸ˜† Please pass on my heartiest congratulations to Finn for winning the book-holding caber toss with such aplomb, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but if both he and the Queen showed up in the colours of Clan Inebriated, does that make him royalty? πŸ€”

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