That’s right, just like Michelangelo, my art now decorates the interior of a church. Okay, maybe not just like Michelangelo since I didn’t have to build my own scaffolding to install it or risk a major kink in the neck to create it. And I doubt tourists from all over the world are going to flock to gaze up at it.

Still, even though it’s not the Sistine Chapel, my latest art show is up and running at the Creative Spirits Gallery from now through the end of August. Yes, it’s a little strange to have my work hanging in a church since I’m a rather secular kind of girl, but a venue is a venue, right? Right.

Unlike my other shows, this one is a three-woman ensemble so it wasn’t entirely up to me to fill the vast wall spaces like last time (HUGE sigh of relief). The other artists are Kathy Sandell who brought some fantastic collages and acrylic paintings, and Dorothy Moore who made me jealous with her watercolor skills. You can read all about us on the church’s website.

In addition to letting us throw some art up on their walls, the church is giving the three of us a little reception between services next Sunday (details are below), so anyone who happens to be in the West Linn area at that time in the morning is welcome to stop by, say hello, and take a peek at my Michelangelo-esque achievement. Oh, and I think there’ll be snacks too! Nom nom nom.

However, I know most of you can’t attend either because you’re too far away or because you prefer to sleep in on Sunday mornings, so here’s the next best thing…

A Little Picture Tour of the Show

First off, Wormhole and Glass Forest got pride of place..right next to the men’s room! Totally like Michelangelo, right?!

colored pencil art, coloured pencil, tammie painter

Then, Kathy and I had fun putting together the entry hall wall. Here’s a couple long shots of our mix of pieces from all three of us…

And a closer look at Red Dance (formerly known as Red Flower) and one of Kathy’s peppery pieces…

acrylic painting, tammie painter

And there’s my Coleus Collection with another of Kathy’s fruity frolics….

It wouldn’t be summer without a couple of my hibiscus flowers and Kathy’s splendid sunflowers….

acrylic painting, tammie painter

Moving on to the wall just opposite – the one you see right when you walk into the church is another mix of our work. Kathy’s brilliant kitchen tools went well with my little koi painting and with my latest crazy collage called Circling & Spiraling.

Want a closer look at that collage? Here you go…

collage, tammie painter

A couple of Kathy’s pieces and Dorothy’s charming rooster decorated the other half of that wall…

Moving into the church proper (where the sermons are given) you come face to face with another of my recent collages and with my colored pencil piece In the Neighbors’ Garden

And a closer look at the dragonfly collage…

Two more walls to go! The furthest wall received another mix of all three of our creations, including two more of my mulberry paper collages:Β Moonlight and Bamboo Trio…

And, of course, a closer look at those collages….

Finally, we get to the last wall that was treated to several of Dorothy’s watercolors and three of my colored pencil pieces: Pink Lewisia, On the Rocks, and Gazing Ball….

Phew, we made it through the show! If this wasn’t enough of a peek for you, then be sure to stop by and say hello next Sunday at 9:30am!!

Artist Reception

9 July 2017 Β 9:30 to 10:30 am

West Linn Lutheran Church Creative Spirits Gallery

20390 Willamette Falls Drive

West Linn, Oregon 97068


17 thoughts on “Just Like Michelangelo

  1. Great combination of art exhibits–each compliments the other..Michelangelo and you do have something in common there–church exhibits…

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  2. Ooooh, look at this! It’s a super space, and the other artists’ work sits really well with yours. Michelangelo would be kicking himself if he saw this – “Of COURSE! It makes so much more sense to put the paintings on the walls! Why didn’t I think of that?”
    Seriously though, it looks great… And good luck with your open day! As usual, I’m stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but know that when you have your first Irish show, I will camp outside the door for 3 days before it opens and visit every day until it closes. You have been warned! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Michelangelo also forgot he could have saved himself a lot of work if he let a few other artists fill up some of that ceiling space. The venue is pretty good, at least I know people will be passing by my stuff at least once a week for a couple months. The spot right next to the men’s room is some prime real estate too! And now I’m off to find a place in Ireland that will show my work just to make you camp out for three days!


      1. Hahaha! Do your worst… But maybe pick somewhere that’s within commuting distance of Dublin, please? πŸ˜† And when you put it like that, Michaelangelo really didn’t have a clue, did he? However, I have the good sense to appreciate your art promotion skills, so I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and put Beastie stickers beside the doors of bathrooms across the city!

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      2. When I apply to the Dublin galleries I’ll be sure to add! “You need to host my artwork here because it’s convenient for Helen.” I’m sure that’ll do the trick! Better hold off on that loo-based sticker campaign until we see how my men’s room display does…no sense in flushing good marketing money down the toilet. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜•


      3. Hahaha! Careful, or I’ll unleash all my witty retorts about toilet humour and potty mouths! As for your pitch for overseas exhibitions, I think you’ve got Dublin in the bag… How could they possibly refuse? 😊


      4. Hahaha! Me, famous?! πŸ˜†
        But when you put it like that, I suppose I could claim to be an in internationally-known monster maker… Brilliant! I wonder if I can use this to get free stuff? πŸ€”

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      5. Oooooh, now that sounds like a party! I’m going to start wearing sunglasses and an oversized feather boa everywhere… And look forward to never again eating food that doesn’t contain wait staff spit πŸ˜†

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  3. Always great to be in the company of fellow artists. I appreciate diversity when I see a show. Hope you enjoy all the attention, Tammie.


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