A Little Help from My Friends

For those of you who love surveys, this post is right up your opinion-giving alley. Or maybe you’ve been missing those essay tests in school? Either way, answering a few of the questions below would be super fabulous and would be a great help.

What In the World is This All About?

While perusing the Calls to Artists on a local art group’s website, I ended up in the residencies and grants section. This got me thinking that I was at a point in my work where a little boost could do wonders. However, other than proofreading some very long and very technical scientific grant proposals in my previous life in neuroscience, I really don’t have an idea how to go about applying for grants.

As with many of life’s problems that can be solved with a bit of learning, I headed to the library and picked up a book on grant writing for artists and writers by a local author, Gigi Rosenberg. In addition to gobs of excellent tips, she recommends asking people for help. And not in the financial sense. In order to better write about your own work, she advises that you ask others what they think of your art or your writing.

And that’s where you come in!

How You Can Help

book, trials of hercules, osteria chroniclesIf you’re familiar with my work, you can just jump to the next paragraph. For those not familiar with my work, you can still help out by taking a quick peek at my artwork or by reading the First three chapters from The Trials of Hercules (PDF).

AS you can see, there are a gob of questions below. I don’t expect you to answer all of them, but if you could answer even just one or two, I’d be very grateful. You can answer the questions based on my art or my writing (fiction only), whichever you’re most familiar with. Although I’m eager to read your responses, there’s no deadline on this.

If it’s easier, you can just toss your response in the comment section below, but I’d prefer if you could email your answers to me (painterwrite @ gmail . com) or use the contact form at the end of the questionnaire. This also keeps your responses private.

On to the Questions!

Again, answer as many (or as few) questions as you like. Your answers can be based on my artwork, fiction, or both.

  1. After seeing/reading my work, what questions do you have for me? (Yes, you get to answer a question with a question!)
  2. What does my work make you wonder about?
  3. Does my work stir up any feelings (good or bad) in you? If so, what are they? (Be honest!)
  4. What about my work is intriguing or appealing?
  5. What about my work is off-putting or boring?
  6. What would you say is unique/different about my work? (It’s okay if you find nothing unique about my work…these are things I need to know).
  7. What do you feel are the strengths of my work?
  8. What are my works’ weaknesses?
  9. (Here’s a tough one!) If you had to describe my work to someone who has never seen or read it, what would you say?
  10. And finally, if you had a rich friend who was eager to buy some new books or art, would you recommend my work to him/her? Why or why not? (Again, be honest!!)

Phew! As I said, you can put your answers in the comment section below, in an email, or in the contact form below. Either way, I’m giving you a big thanks in advance for your help!!

I’ll be back Saturday with the final installment of the London Trip and a special announcement. See you then!!

*Note: If you’re viewing this in WordPress Reader, you may not be able to see the contact form. If you prefer to use the contact form over email, please click here to view this post in your browser (and hopefully view the contact form in all its glory!). Also, your email address will only be used for this questionnaire and will not be shared with anyone.





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    (Also, people reading this in WordPress Reader might not be able to see the contact form… I know I couldn’t! It might only be visible in the online version.)

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