I know I am LOOOOONG overdue for a Sketchbook Show Off, but other news keeps getting in the way, and even my news has gotten in the way of my news. Take for example, my latest art show that went up in May. You didn’t even know about it did you? Luckily, I’m dedicating this blog post to that very tidbit of info including photos of the work on display for those of you who can’t make it to the show.

But Wait, There’s More

Okay, I think that is supposed to go at the end, but I just wanted to get in a little reminder that you only have nine days left to gander at my other show that started in April and ends 16 June. If you happen to be in the area of the Wilsonville Campus of Clackamas Community College*, please be sure to pop in and take a peek at thirty pieces of my colored pencil, acrylic, and ink artwork!


*located at 29353 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

On With the Show

My latest show is another exhibition with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s Artist Exhibit Program. Yes, I’m certainly making my rounds in Clackamas County…one day I hope to move beyond the county’s borders. Those of you who have been with me for a while may remember that the CCAA gave me the opportunity for my very first solo exhibition and then was kind enough to let me do another exhibition last winter.

Last fall, the CCAA  accepted me for the second year in a row – woohoo!!! When the email for my 2017 show date came, I was a little worried about the overlap with the college’s show, but I managed to crank out enough work to fill the vast walls of the college gallery and still have five pieces left over for CCAA.

For this show, my work is decorating the Social Services department of the Clackamas County Public Services Building* and will be hanging there until 9 August 2017.

*located at 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Can’t Make It?

Although you have plenty of time to get to the show, I know stopping off at a county government building isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time while in the Portland area. So, for those of you that can’t make it, here’s a look at the five pieces on display. You’ll notice a bit of a bug theme going on….

First off we have  Flying Dragon – Colored pencil on Dura-Lar. If you haven’t already, you can read all about the creation of this one here.

Then there’s something for the dragonfly to land on…Waterlily – Colored Pencil on DuraLar

Do I hear buzzing?

Yep. It’s Sunny Bee (above) and Visiting the Coneflower (below) – Acrylic on Panel. You’ll remember these bee-related lovelies from this post.

And then there’s this poor little piece (Up Close Clematis) that didn’t show up for picture day so never got its “I’m done!” photo taken. Trust me, it came out amazing, but if you don’t believe me, you know where to go to see it for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I’ll be back Saturday with another installment of the London Trip. Next Wednesday I have even more news to share and will need to enlist your help with a project (don’t worry, I’m not asking for money, although if you want to toss any my way, I won’t complain :))).

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  1. Oh, amazing! I’m​ still so impressed that you managed to get enough work together for TWO simultaneous shows – your industriousness this year puts me to shame! I reeeeally wish I could get over to see them – especially since the suspense of wondering how “Up Close Clematis” turned out is going to irk me all day…

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    1. Don’t worry, ever since the show’s open house, there’s been a huge lack of production coming out of Painter Studios (except for writing, I’ve been a whiz at writing lately). The tease with the clematis wasn’t exactly on purpose…I kind of sort of forgot to get a scan of it before framing. Oops 😳 Ah well, I guess something had to go awry.

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