It’s Sketchbook Show Off Week!

Holy crumbs, Batman! How did it get to be the first Wednesday in March already? As promised in my oh-so cunning blog plan, the first Wednesday of each month is devoted to revealing my art journal entries and sketches from the past month (the real goal of this is to force me to sketch a bit, not just to show off my silly drawings).

But first, a quick announcement regarding upcoming art shows. As I mentioned last week, things are getting crazy busy here. I have a bounty of art shows coming up this year. With my first venue being quite large and with a few overlapping shows, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ll share more about the events as the dates loom near, but if you’re looking for something to mark on your calendars, here’s what’s scheduled…

    • 3 April to 16 June – Clackamas Community College Wilsonville Training Center Gallery (aka “The Biggie”)
    • 11 May to 10 August – Clackamas County Public Services Building Social Services Gallery (as part of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance Artist Exhibit Program)
    • July and August – Creative Spirits Gallery at the West Linn Lutheran Church
    • August – The Broadway Gallery in Longview, Washington
    • To Be Determined – A possible second show with the Artist Exhibit Program

Phew, I’m worn out just typing all that!

As part of the “perks” of the first show (The Biggie), I get to host a reception I hope a few of you will be able to attend. The shin-dig is on Saturday, 15 April, from noon to 3pm and is an open house event, so please do drop by, say hello, pick up a nibble or two, and take a peek at some of my most recent work (and some of my older stuff, too). You can see the details on the invitation at the end of this post.

It’s Sketchbook Show Off Week!!

Just like the pages I showed off at the beginning of February, the entries for my art journal are inspired by the book  No Excuses Art Journaling by Gina Rossi Armfield. Each day you are supposed to choose a color to suit your mood, draw a pattern you see, and draw the weather; each week you write out a quote and draw a tiny sketch (the size of a credit card); and each month you get to do a collage (you can do more artwork, but these are the basics).

Weeks One and Two I was right on schedule with my daily drawings, weekly sketches, and weekly quote (since I’m not much into lettering, I opt to illustrate my quotes rather than practice fancy writing techniques).

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2 (love that quote!)

Week 2 (love that quote!)

Mini-sketches from Weeks 1 and 2. The inspiration for the first sketch is the Oregon Zoo's use of a hedgehog instead of a groundhog.

Mini-sketches from Weeks 1 and 2. The inspiration for the first sketch is the Oregon Zoo’s use of a hedgehog instead of a groundhog to make Groundhog Day predictions.

After six weeks of drawing the weather, I was getting a little bored with clouds, sun, and raindrops, so for Week Three I thought I’d try something different. Each day, I picked a “theme” and drew three things based on that theme. This proved to be a lot of fun and I may do it again.

Week 3

Week 3

By Week Four, the pie storm of facing an overwhelming amount of work was hitting the fan. I did manage to complete my journal entries (only because I knew I’d have to share them with you), but any other sketching did not fit into my schedule.

Week 4 (featuring another great quote)

Week 4 (featuring another great quote)

I didn’t think I’d have time for a monthly collage, but this ended up being a lot of fun and a very relaxing chore to work on while Mr. Husband listened to a hockey game.

February's Collage

February’s Collage

With things getting a bit crazy, I didn’t have much extra time for sketching toward the end of the month, but at the beginning of the month, I did manage to stick to my Letter of the Week sketches.

E is for elephants who wear polka dot pants and carry Eire flags!

E is for elephants who wear E-shaped polka dot pants and carry Eire flags!

F turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself.

F turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself.

The final sketch I managed to get done was a bit of practice based on the book Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport. Jane’s faces are lovely, ethereal looking things, whereas mine, even following her well-written guidelines are, well….not so lovely. This lady was placed too far down on the page, so I gave her some height by adding a bird.

Bluebirds. It's what everyone's wearing this season.

Bluebirds. It’s what everyone’s wearing this season.

And that’s it for my playing around for the month of February. March is crazy busy, but I hope to stick to my art journal entries as much as possible. If I manage to do so, I’ll be showing them off in a few weeks! I’ll be back Saturday with some updates on my writing progress.

What do you think? Is art journaling something you’d like to do, or do you already keep a journal of some sort? Share your thoughts on how you stick with it or why you don’t bother, I’d love to hear from you.

You're invited!!!

You’re invited!!!




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  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Gaaaaah! Cuss you, Atlantic ocean, for getting in the way of me simply hopping on a bus or train and seeing Tammie’s art show! Know that if I didn’t live on the other side of the world I would absolutely be there, making appreciative noises and trying to keep the Beasties from eating all your nibbles. Good luck with your hectic schedule – when you see it written down, it really is A LOT! And I didn’t realise how much they overlapped, either. I’m doubly amazed now that you’re able to keep up your sketchbook so well – I really enjoyed looking through this set of pages, especially your Irish elephant!

    • painterwrite says:

      Oh sure, blame the geography of the Earth for not attending! Excuses. Excuses. Although, maybe it’s for the best since I don’t have enough in the Nibbles Budget to support a ravenous Beastie. 😜😜 As far as the schedule, as long as I remember to add “take deep breath” to the to-do list, I might be okay.

  2. LavStu says:

    I am certainly planning on making it to your openhouse artwork display–love the February article and all the drawings–those frogs and elephants are sure cute–

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