Hello everyone!

Let’s jump right into the first portion of that intriguing blog post title and take a gander at my latest piece of colored pencil work.

Pink Flowers!!!

Okay, not the most clever of titles, but if you have a better suggestion I’d love to steal your ideas. Summer Blast? Pink Burst? See, this is why I just stick with boring titles for my work.

The original photo is another fabulous shot from Alicia Elliott (who also supplied the photo for my previous piece “Peach Rose” – a clever bit of titling, yet again!). I mean look at this photo and tell me how I was supposed to resist re-creating it.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about this, so I dove in with just about every yellow, pink, and orange pencil I had on hand. After a couple petals, I ended up narrowing my pencil choices down to only about twenty colors. By the time I had the first blooms completed, I was REALLY excited about how this was coming out.


Which meant I didn’t want to screw it up!

As I’ve mentioned before, backgrounds are my nemesis. I simply cannot get the colors to behave as I want. As you can see in the reference photo, the background is dark green with some out-of-focus buds. On a spare piece paper, I tried to mimic this with no luck whatsoever. So, instead of driving myself batty, I decided to leave the background white and try to bring the background buds into focus in a sort of botanical-drawing style. (And, by leaving the background white, I was able to save TONS of time on this project.)


This was a bit of a challenge because, although there is a faint hint of what’s going on with the background flowers, I really couldn’t tell how they would have looked in real life. Also, by leaving off the darkness of background, the image lacked a certain flow. So, I put on my improvisation hat and set about to adjusting the composition a tad bit.

This resulted in one of the favorite pieces I’ve completed over the past month.


And now….The Case of the Exploding Head

Okay, my head hasn’t exploded yet, but the potential is there because I’m feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed. As my lovely readers know, I’m desperately rushing to finish enough pieces of work to fill the very big walls of the gallery where my spring show will be held. There’s also the framing that needs to be done (oh wait, I need to buy frames first!), labels to be made, hanging hardware to be attached, and art to be hung.

Then there’s the reception I’m hosting for the show. I know somewhere in the range of NOTHING about doing an event like this, but do know I need to slap on my Public Relations hat and get the word out as well as put together the reception itself and decide which (affordable) nibbles to serve to lure people in.

All this was perfectly manageable(-ish) until I received an email last week adding more work to the pile. I had promised to do an article and illustration for the North American Native Plant Society many, many months ago and should have gotten on the ball and done it then to get it out of the way, but I didn’t. With everything else going on, I had kind of hoped the editor would forget. Nope, she contacted me last week and asked to have the article and drawing turned in by mid-March. EEK!!!

I’m also in the process of revising the draft of my novel and, since I’ve put this project aside too many times already, I do not want to lose my momentum by putting it aside again. And of course, there’s all the other daily grind stuff of forcing myself to stick to my sketching goals, keeping up with marketing via social media and blogging, and trying to keep the house from falling apart.

Why am I sharing this? I think just to let a little steam out of the kettle that is my brain right now. Most of the time on this blog and on social media I try to keep up the persona of never complaining, never getting bogged down or upset, and always having myself perfectly organized. But that’s not reality.

The reality is that sometimes, I get overwhelmed, sometimes I get frustrated, and sometimes it just feels good to share that feeling. Don’t worry,  I’ll try not to do this too often because it’s a rare person who enjoys reading about my woes. As long as I have a steady flow of wine and the cats don’t mind my whining to them, I should manage.

Assuming my head stays intact, I’ll be back next week with more news about my spring show (including showing off some of the results of my PR efforts), a little information about my summer show, and (hopefully) a new piece of artwork to share.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and do be sure to toss out any suggestions to replace “Pink Flowers” as a title.

Today’s Travel Pic is a (much-needed) relaxing image (taken by Mr. Husband since I can’t hold still long enough to use the underwater camera) of some lovely little Hawaiian fishies. Taken in the waters of Kapalua Bay in Maui.

Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii, moorish idol


16 thoughts on “Pink Flowers and Exploding Heads

  1. So many pies you’ve got your fingers in! Your stress is understandable. It seems sometimes everything hits all at once. Best of luck with it all. The upcoming show sounds very exciting.

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    1. I seem to go through this “pie” storm about twice a year where for months I feel bored or really on top of everything, then suddenly everything really does hit all at once. Like they say, “When it rains, it pours.” Stupid rain!

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  2. Oooh, pink flowers! It looks great, and as usual my mind is totally blown by the level of detail and the speed with which you completed it. As for the title (always a fun task) do you know what the plant’s real name is? Unless it’s something like “dungpile daisy” it might be more evocative than just “flowers”! Finally, good luck with your pie storm… It all sounds horribly like how the run-up to Christmas was in Beastie Towers! But keep your eyes on the prize (your holiday), and know that you CAN actually survive on peanut butter sandwiches and instant soup for two months without dying of malnutrition. Now go and do some work! 😀

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    1. I’ve been on a soup-making kick lately so I have gallons of leftovers in the freezer to get me through the next month (and a hefty stock of peanut butter). Actually, I kind of like Dungpile Daisies as a title! As far as the boost in production, I’ve accepted the eye strain and have added an extra hour or two to my art time each day…which also means I’m getting through A LOT of audiobooks!

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      1. Lucky you! For the freezer full of soup, that is, not the eye strain and hectic schedule. Eating real soup rather than instant will definitely see you through your busy time, and you’re less likely to end up with scurvy too! Hurrah! And you’re more than welcome to use Dungpile Daisies as a title for your beautiful pink flowers, but I’ll have to insist that you credit me in the exhibition programme 😉


      2. Damn, I was really hoping to tap into my inner pirate this year by developing a case of scurvy. Guess I better put away the eye patch and parrot for now (but I’ll keep the rum handy). I will definitely credit you if the Dungpile Daisies title sticks!

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      3. Yes, hold on to that rum! It’ll be most useful as that deadline starts a-looming! And the fee for my services is reasonable if you need me to come up with more winning (not to mention sophisticated) titles for your work! 😆

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      1. They are lewisias. They are closest to Lewisia cotyledon but there are lots of hybrids of this now and so I would say it was a Lewisia cotyledon hybrid. These are North American and named after Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame

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      2. they are known as bitter root or cliff maids too and were used to help sore throats – not sure that that helps with a name either – a sight for sore throats?


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