For those of you keeping up with the Bloggity Makeover, you’ll have noticed on your calendars that it’s the first Saturday of the month and time for an update on how the book is coming along. To sum it up: Not too shabbily.

Here Be Dragons

You may recall that after having plowed my way through the draft of Book Three of my fantasy series, I was on such a drafting high I decided to continue on with a draft of Book Four. Since the books are closely linked and a few plot points could go into either book, I wanted to have both of them written out so I would be able to drop a sorting hat onto each chapter to figure out where exactly they belong. (Sorry, this sorting hat only selects for Book 3 or Book 4, no Griffindor or Hufflepuff options.)

With art show preparation, vacations, and holidays getting in the way, Book Four’s draft went much more slowly than Book Three’s. But with a little push (okay a big push), I managed to complete it.

And here’s where the dragons enter the scene.

dragon, cute dragon

Because my brain has more creative flow with pen in hand than it does when I’m at the computer, I handwrite all my first drafts. However, I DETEST typing mainly because I’m not the fastest typist in the world which makes changing a hundred or so handwritten pages into a typed document a time-consuming exercise in pure torture.

dragon app
Time-saving dragons are the best!

Thankfully, there’s the (free!!) voice recognition/dictation app Dragon which is the most wonderful invention ever. And yes, I have had fun testing out just how many curse words my little dragon can recognize (a lot!).

The dictation took about a week and many cups of tea to keep my throat in working order. The documents are in the computer and I’m now in the read-through stage. For now I need to work on both books’ drafts until the sorting hat does its magic and puts each chapter where it needs to go, but after that (sometime next week), I’ll be focusing solely on Book Three….with plenty of “help” from Finn McSpool, of course.

Finn was a bit too eager to grab that red pen and get started.
Finn was a bit too eager to grab that red pen and get started.

Bookshelf Clearing

I’ve collected many copies of my own books. Part of this has been due to a speaking invitation, an author meet-and-greet event, and my (now retired) Etsy shop. Since I really don’t need any more books than I already own, I’ve decided to add them to my eBay storefront.

The prices are a bit better than you’ll find on Amazon or other online retailers (I think) and I ship super fast. So, if you need to catch up on my fiction or non-fiction, you may want to wander over to my eBay aisles. (There’s also a few other books that aren’t mine on there as well.)

Thanks for reading everyone and if you have any comments about writing, dragons or other beasts, please drop a comment in the box below!


9 thoughts on “Dragons, Beasts, and Book Bargains

  1. Wow, books 3 and 4 are really going to be an immersive mythological experience – written by dragons and spellchecked by monsters, whatever next? Plus next time someone asks how you spent your day, you can honestly answer “talking to a dragon”! Best…Job… Ever!

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    1. I hear Internet trolls are all over the place right now. Maybe one day I’ll get one of my very own. Talking to dragons all day does leave your throat feeling like you’ve been breathing fire, so there are down sides to the job. 😜😜

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      1. Still though, “I have a sore throat from talking to my dragon” is a waaaaay better conversational opener than “I have an RSI from typing all day”. As for your internet troll search, do you reckon they still hang out under bridges, or do they need somewhere with more reliable WiFi?

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