It’s Time for a Bloggity Makeover

As happens to many people in January, Blog has decided it needs to give itself a little makeover and get itself more organized. Actually Blog and I have been discussing this for a while now, but after the holidays it has taken me a few weeks to get back on track with writing and arting (why is that not a word?).

Now that I finally feel I’m back in the working groove, Blog and I are getting to that belated New Year’s Resolution to get a makeover. After forming a committee, having far too many meetings to go over the issue, and then reviewing everything with the higher ups, we’ve come up with this cunning plan….

Wednesdays = Art Days

Since it is a good day for me to blog, I will continue to post every Wednesday; and these posts will mainly focus on art-related topics including my usual sharing of completed projects and news about art shows or awards. In addition to these regular posts, I’m adding a couple new features….


On the third Wednesday of each month I’ll be doing a little art supply review. This will be either my favorite or least favorite (or both) art supply I’ve tried out over the past month. Hint hint to any art suppliers out there, if you’d like to toss a few supplies my way to test out, I wouldn’t object.

winsor newton, watercolor

On the first Wednesday of each month I’ll be doing a little show and tell of another aspect of my art-related New Year’s Resolutions. Since that happens to be next Wednesday, you’ll just have to check back next week to find out about this new feature.

Saturdays = Writing Days

Saturdays will be the domain of posts about writing. However, since I doubt anyone wants a weekly update of “I am still working on Draft One,” I’m only going to post every other Saturday (this also frees up extra time for me to work on my writing projects).

The first Saturday of each month will be a book status update….which I will do my best to make more interesting than simply, “I am still working on Draft One.”


The third Saturday of each month, to coincide with the art supply review, will be a book review. Again, either a favorite or least favorite (or both) of something I’ve read over the past month.

This every-other-Saturday posting schedule may increase a bit as a book release looms near. You’ve been warned!

But What About Finn, the Bees, and Travel Posts?

Although a few people seem to like my travel tales, the posts just don’t generate much interest (the bees are a little more popular). Also, since this isn’t a travel blog or a beekeeping blog, I worry that these posts may be angering the SEO gods.

However, since I love travel and this blog – in addition to being a way to discuss my work life – is a way for you to get to know me on a personal level, I can’t turn my back on travel adventures whether they are near or far.

Florence, Firenze, Italy, Italia, Piazza della Repubblica, Palazzo Vecchio

So, here’s the plan: If there is a fifth Saturday in a month, that post will be all about travel, my bees, or an adventure Finn McSpool has recently had. Also, starting next week, I will include a travel pic at the end of my posts with a brief caption about the location.

This plan may see some adjustment, but for now I’m hoping it will be enough to satisfy my urge to share my journeys with you. (And no, I have no plans to start a travel blog. I’ve tried to maintain two blogs at once and did not like it one bit).

I’m also resolving to be a bit more consistent about posting to Facebook and Twitter and eventually reviving my slumbering Instagram account. These are all great ways for you to keep up with my day-to-day adventures, opinions, and news (hint hint).

Keeping Up With It All

With all these first Wednesdays, fifth Saturdays, etc. you may be wondering how I’ll keep up with it all. Fear not! In addition to my ever-present to-do list, I have received a Beastie calendar so Finn and I can track all our blogging mayhem. A big thanks to Ms. Beastie herself, Helen Crawford, for seeing to my time-tracking needs.





14 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Bloggity Makeover

  1. The Snail of Happiness says:

    I could never be that organised… stuff pops into my head at all sorts of times and just gets written! I have, however, managed ‘Three Things Thursday’ every week for many months now so perhaps it’s just something that comes if you want it to. Anyway, I hope it works for you… oh, and I love your tweets too!


    • painterwrite says:

      I have to tell myself, “This day, you shall blog!” or I would never do it. 😜 Sometimes I have random thoughts that I think of sharing, but then just throw them out onto Twitter or Facebook. Glad you like my rants and quips on Twitter. I enjoy seeing your many many many projects!


    • painterwrite says:

      It really should. It sums up the whole process of getting creative and is much more efficient than writing, “painting, planning, drawing, sketching, coloring.” Hmmm…now I’m wondering if thumbnailing should also be a word. “I had to do some thumbnailing before I could begin my arting.”


  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Wow, everyone seems to be so organised this year! I’m excited to see where your writing and arting goes in 2017… Plus I reckon that if enough of us keep typing the word “arting” it will make the 2018 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, and officially become a word!
    (Also, thank you for the shout-out… I’m glad the calendar is helping you keep your plans for blogging domination in order 😀)

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