No, don’t double check your calendars; it is indeed Thursday, not Wednesday. The Portland area got hit with a whopper of a snow storm Tuesday night. The snow clung to the branches of a neighbor’s fir tree which eventually snapped and took down the power lines about 9:15 yesterday morning and we just got power back about 10am today. So, plenty of cold and snowy fun (which you’ll see in the photos below), but no blog posts.

And this blog post is just what we need here in Portland right now, as well across much of the U.S. and Europe, because I have a couple new paintings with a tropical flair to show off.

A Double Dose of the Tropics

The paintings were inspired by my snap-happiness whenever I see hibiscus flowers on trips to Hawaii. I have quite a collection of photos of these flowers that just beg to be painted.



If that top flower looks a little familiar, you may remember it from when I tried to render it with colored pencils. Although the digitally enhanced version of the photo catches the eye, the original is a bit lackluster and was something I always wanted to redo.


So, with acrylics in hand and a desire to experiment with a couple new painting panels, I set to work.


There are some subtle details I like a little better in the colored pencil version, but this time Pink Hibiscus had the brilliance I was after.


And I was also able to add in the yellow of the pollen that was lacking in the colored pencil version.


The yellow hibiscus photo required a bi too flipping and cropping to make a better composition, but in little time my brush was whipping out another flower.



I have another hibiscus to add to this (ooh, making it a series!), but I’m waiting for another panel to arrive and, since the snow is keeping the mailman away, it may be a while before I get to it. There’s also a larger piece I’m working on with a cluster of plumeria, but it was being a bit pesky so I had to step away from it for a while before I flung the canvas into the street.

And now…the snow

Since there was no heat in the house, I kept warm by staying active…and staying creative. I started out with Snow Chicken the night the snow arrived.


Yesterday morning, I started to make a Snow Cat, but decided a Snow Bunny would be more fun.


Then came Snow Sea Turtle who was a bit difficult to photograph.


And finally, after Mr. Husband piled up a six-foot tall snowman, I decided the snowman should be Snow Bear (I had considered putting a photo of Leonardo di Caprio in his mouth to recreate a scene from “The Revenant”).



Have a great rest of your week everyone! How’s the weather treating you in your part of the world?



7 thoughts on “Buried in Snow? Here’s a Taste of the Tropics.

  1. Yes, I know the novelty of snow wears off when your electricity goes and you can’t walk 30 places without falling over, but DANG is it pretty! Snow Bear is a triumph – the claws are a nice touch. And didn’t you only just take up painting again recently? Your hibiscuses (or hibisci?) are totally stunning and brought a welcome blast of tropical sunshine to grey ol’Dublin! Thank you 😀

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    1. It was more of a “re”-taking up since I learned way back when I was in high school, and dabbled in it now and then since (“dabbled” as in I’d paint something every five years or so when I’d see my box of paints and think, “I should really do something with those.”) Glad I could de-grey Dublin a little!

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