Exorcising My Christmas Spirit

I’m not usually haunted by any Christmas spirits. I grudgingly bake some cookies because they make easy gifts (and I love cookies) and put up a few decorations so I’m not considered a total Scrooge, but other than that I could take or leave this “magical” time of year.

However, on occasion, a rare bit of Christmas spirit takes hold. This year, my immunity to the Spirit of Christmas Crafts was down at the same time I was doing some tidying up.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve recently dragged out my hefty box of acrylic paints (and it is quite hefty since it’s a old ammo box made entirely of steel). I’ve also been sifting through my art supplies’ cupboard and found a few inspiring items.

Combine this newly-found treasure trove with an infestation of craft bugs and, yep, I’ve had to succumb to a haunting of the Christmas spirit. But don’t bring out the holy water just yet; two projects have served to exorcise this demon and I’m feeling more like my usual self.

But first….

But before I show off my silly little projects, let me take a moment for a little “Yay me!” time. My art made the cover of a local events guide!


Okay, so did the work of dozens of other local artists, but it was quite a surprise to see Popeye staring at me from the front page of the newspaper. I also got a little mention in the article that goes along with the cover. Yay me, indeed!

And now…the crafty projects.


First up…The Stereotypical Snowman

This project was done on a 3″ x 4″ canvas panel and gave me a chance to test out the texturing capabilities of the gel medium I would end up using to make Mr. Pelican’s feathers.

This is not going in my upcoming art show!

This is NOT going in my upcoming art show!

Sure, this isn’t fine art, and up close you can see areas where the paint didn’t cover that well. Still, I had fun and even got to drag out the glitter paint that I ended up with that I “inherited” when my mom cleaned out her craft supplies a few years ago.

Texture! Glitter! So much crafty-ness!

Next Up…Un Petit Morceau Français

The next project involved not only “artistic” capabilities, but also a little engineering skill. I had six mini canvases (about 2″ square each) that were purchased with the intention of…well, I don’t know. They were just cute and I couldn’t resist. But finally, inspiration hit!



Try as I could, that green paint just wouldn’t cover fully, but maybe that adds a little “rustic” flair to the whole project? Once I had the canvases painted (along with paint all over myself from trying to hold those pesky little things), I had to figure out how to put them together. Bring out the Dremel!!

I drilled small holes at each side near the top of the canvases then fed a wire through them all along with some beads (also from Mom’s craft inheritance) to make the panels hang better. Twist the wire ends into hanging loops, cover up the mess created by twisting with ribbon, and voila!


A joyeux noel to you!

After these projects, the Christmas spirit had been fully exorcised from my system. So a “Bah humbug” to all…unless, of course, you have cookies.

Any craft bugs biting you this time of year? Does cleaning out your art cupboard fill you with inspiration? I love hearing from you so share your thoughts and comments!


If cleaning out your art supplies doesn’t inspire you, don’t throw out what you have. Instead, do a quick search for “art supply donation” to find places in your area that would love to use your supplies to inspire young artists.

“The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world in not a commodity.”

–Francois Hollande



7 thoughts on “Exorcising My Christmas Spirit

  1. Embeecee says:

    But didn’t you have fun creating these things? I find them so charming! And no, I don’t have any craft bugs biting at me, nor am I going to purge the art supplies (they are housed in the garage and it’s about 10 degrees out there with a wicked cold wind blowing). But I love to see the examples of others’ inspiration! And I’d put Frosty in your show (unless it’s a very upscale type of show), because there are those out there (me for one) who would snap that up in a heartbeat. Take it home and hang it on their wall to show their Christmas Spirit… And actually you’ve inspired me to do something by the example of your Joyeux Noel banner…well huh. I guess a bug did bite after all! 😀 Cheers and Happy Holidays to you!

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    • painterwrite says:

      It’s an infectious little bug, isn’t it!? Since the show is a fine art show I think I’ll have to keep Frosty for my own decorations. Thanks for the compliments and good luck getting to your art supplies!


  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    It’s a pre-Christmas miracle! Your most joyeux garland has punctured a temporary hole in my grinchiness! Not only is it merry and bright, but it’s also helping you use up old art supplies – what could be better? Nice work!

    Now, did you say something about Christmas cookies? 😀

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