Hmmm, I may have just changed the demographics of my blog visitors with that post title. Ah well, the more the merrier, right? Besides, I doubt anyone will be disappointed when they see the cute chicks in this peep show.

As usual, I started off with a lovely photograph. This time by Case.Janea. See, told ya there were cute chicks!!

Photo by Case.Janea.
Photo by Case.Janea.

I’ve never tried to recreate the texture of wood grain with my pencils, but what better way to learn than to dive right in?


Wood grain actually turned out to be fairly easy. I just had to remember to keep all my pencils strokes going in the same direction and to slowly build the layers of color. I didn’t make the wood quite as dark as in the photo mainly because it takes more time and more layers, and partially because I didn’t like how dark the original image was.


At this point I had fun asking my social media buddies what they thought might be belong in the gap in the wood boards. My favorite answer was “a dog’s nose,” which now that I think about it could make for another cute peep-show type drawing!

I have to say I was nervous going into the final stretch of this drawing. The wood had turned out so well, I was certain I would screw the whole thing up when I attempted the birds (I’ve also never drawn birds in colored pencil. I do love a challenge!). But hey, Bird Number One ended up looking pretty darn cute.


Then it was time to add Bird Number Two. You may notice in the original photo, the birds look a little grumpy simply because of the shape of their beaks. After the perturbed expression on my baby giraffe, I wanted to make sure these birds ended up looking cute, not annoyed, so I subtly worked the corners of their little beaks into slight smiles.

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I love how “Peep Show” came out. It was one of those projects that just fell together like magic. If you’d like a Peep Show of your very own, I’ve added it to my Fine Art America shop where you can purchase it as a print, greeting card, or even a throw pillow.

Thanks for taking a peek at my peep show everyone!!


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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Peep Show

  1. Looks great! I like the lighter color of the wood too. I think in the original photo, the chicks just look hungry, or maybe hangry?

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  2. Hahaha! I didn’t quite know what to expect from this post 😆 Your little chicks have turned out beautifully though – the subtle change to their expression actually makes all the difference when you compare it to the original photo! Nice work!

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