Remember when you were a kid and art was all about having fun and simply making your mark on the page? Well, lately I’ve been feeling a bit “confined” by my art. Not that I don’t love creating realistic images with my piles of colored pencils, but as you might guess, these drawings are laborious and are a bit rigid in their execution.


Basically, there’s not always a lot of “fun”going on in the creation of these pieces. And as Cindi Lauper says, “Girls just wanna have fun.” Last I checked, I’m still a girl, so it’s damn well time I have a bit of fun, right? Right! So I started my own Abstract Zoo.

Abstract Zoo came about a few weeks ago when I had finished one colored pencil piece and was about to embark on a new, more graphite-oriented piece that is going to involve a lot of detail work. I needed to let loose a bit and I also wanted to play around with my Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils.

Eighties style fun!!

The temptation (as always with me) was to try to do a realistic painting. But then I slapped myself and said, “No, listen to Ms. Lauper and have some fun!” After recovering from the stinging sensation on my cheek (I pack a good wallop), I pulled out my Canson Watercolor notebook and simply drew in some looping squiggles with a pencil.

After some re-working some portions of the squiggles to make sure thing looked balanced (I can’t kill off my perfectionism entirely), I started wetting a few of the areas and dropping in color from the Inktense blocks – this is my favorite thing to do with watercolor, by the way because I love watching how the color spreads and mingles. I then used the Inktense pencils to make a line at one edge of the areas.

Once all the areas were filled in…well, it looked a bit stupid. Hmmm, what if I break out the Sharpie and outline the areas? Outlining then turned into making a few other shapes. When I looked at the paper again, there they were…animals! I worked a bit more with the Sharpie to bring out the animals including a pigeon, a chicken, a fish, and what looks like a carnivorous hippo (with a squirrel tail, no less).


Like many things that are fun, this was addictive. After getting started on the graphite piece, I began another squiggle creation to fill in at the end of my work session as a reward for a good day of drawing. In this one, I still went a bit random with the squiggles, but the overall aim was to create an aquarium for my zoo. Such fun!


I’m about a third of the way through the graphite piece, but couldn’t resist starting another zoo panel. I had no aim with this one, but I think I might see a toucan and an elephant emerging from the tangle to take residence in my Abstract Zoo.


Now it’s your turn…What do you do to reward yourself for a day’s work? Or what do you do when you’re feeling constrained by your typical routine?

Have a great weekend everyone, here’s a bit a Cindi Lauper to get your weekend started right!!

* * *

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