Over this past weekend was an event that never fails to send my bibliophile heart into palpitations of excitement: The Annual Book Sale at my local library! And unlike in years past, I had a book-loving Beastie to share in the fun.

The result of three wonderful days of stocking up on oodles of bargain priced tomes? Well, you’ll see….turns out Finn McSpool thinks books aren’t just for reading.

Day One: Going in with a Plan

On Day One of the book sale the selection is at its prime, so books are “full price.” And by that I mean one to two dollars for most items – I know, outrageous, right!? Due to these high prices I had to limit my shopping by going in with a plan. First, a couple travel guides (I like to get them cheap then just tear out the pages I need for my journey). Second, a basic sewing guide (more on that adventure coming up Friday).

I scored on both counts, but Finn couldn’t resist grabbing a few more items from the tables.

Day Two: Half Price Day

On the second day of the sale everything is half price making hardbound books a mere dollar and paperbacks a measly fifty cents! Finn and I roamed the tables for nearly an hour as volunteers kept coming up asking if I wanted a basket…or were they evil temptresses trying to lure me into to buying more books than I could carry home?

Needless to say my arms were piled high by the time I checked out, my backpack was full to bursting as I squeezed my treasures in, and my shoulders were aching after the walk home.

Once home, Finn urged me to go weigh the books. Turns out I had lugged home a little over twelve pounds of trashy novels and picture books. My legs were tired, but Finn wanted to try out his fort-building skills with his new finds from the past couple days.


Day Three: The Temptation is Too Great

Day Three of the book sale is the final day which means the volunteers are trying their hardest to get rid of as many books as possible so they have less clean-up work to do. So, on Day Three for only five dollars you can have as many books as you can cram into a shopping bag. Finn went nuts tossing book after book into my bag!

We then went home (thankfully by car this time) and examined our goodies. Finn thought this bunch had better fort potential since we could use a couple magazines for an awning.


The Grand Total

After another weigh in (adding in the books from Day One and Two) it turns out Finn and I ended up with 35 pounds (about 16 kilos) of books…which, after a little financial math, worked out to less than 49 cents a pound! Cheaper than bananas!

Finn Tackles Book Mountain

Finn, feeling like he should get some exercise before sitting down to read, had a brilliant idea: build and then scale Book Mountain!


Let’s just say Book Mountain is highly prone to avalanches and measures nearly ten Beasties high. But Finn wasn’t daunted.


Half way up, Finn hung out for a bit to read his own book (SPIN-egan’s Wake) before continuing on.


At the summit he cheered his success. However, after looking down from the top, he got a bit scared and called me in to helicopter him back to ground level.


Had any good book adventures lately?  

By the way, if you want your very own wooly monster, be sure to check out CrawCrafts Beasties.

18 thoughts on “Finn McSpool Tackles Thirty-Five Pounds of Books

    1. Wait, I’m supposed to read them too?! 😮😮

      Hopefully I can get through several in the next couple months to take advantage of the library’s summer reading program…and its prizes! 😃😃

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      1. Of course you can! I was about to suggest it 🙂 I remember a guy who had a coffee table and shelves made out of books and planks of wood… Oh and bricks.

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      2. I think if my furniture was made of books I’d be continually taking my furniture apart. I have seen a chair with little book nooks worked into the design. Maybe one of those would be good!

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      3. You are going to gasp… I got a lot of free books from the library – they were going to just recycle them – to use them as art journals and draw and paint in them….

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  1. Love that book mountain. Guilty of that sort of thing over here too! My bedside table (and the floor in front of it) looks disgraceful. Your pile is so nice and neat and photogenic!!!

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  2. Oh wow, my heart was in my mouth watching Finn scale Book Mountain! Next thing he’ll be wanting to organise an expedition to K2… That’s a great haul you have there, I can’t believe that on the last day they were selling books by the bagload! Enjoy 😀

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    1. He’s pretty sore after his first expedition so his only climbing now may be into the armchair to read. Yes, by the bag load…and those enabling volunteers kept trying got get me to use a bigger bag! I think those old ladies are actually former employees of a drug cartel.

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      1. Hahaha! Yes, that wouldn’t surprise me… I mean, they’ve made their money, so they can finally focus on using their skills to help out their local community! Although I’m afraid to think about what would have happened if you had turned down their “help” one too many times…

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